Zhoukou has 71 years of history of the Republic of China real estate license has historical value (v www.8008205555

The property permits during the period of the Republic of Zhoukou existing 71 years of history has historical value recently, Zhoukou economic and Technological Development Zone ten Xu Zhai Xing Zheng Cun Li Pu Cun Yan in the circle of friends of the sun a little piece of the Republic of China’s land property certificates, and immediately attracted friends punctuate like a. Yesterday morning, Mr. Chen came to the home of the late brother, saw his family three generations have long been the property certificate. Mr. Yan told the late brother, these three yellowed paper is his grandfather to his father’s custody, and then transferred to him by his father, his family has been regarded as antiques stored at home. Late brother noticed that the size of the three sheets of paper, paper color is not the same. A two yellow in a point of the Republic of China is thirty-four of the land deed tax certificate, the name of Yan Fuqing (Note: the thirty-four year of the Republic of China in 1945) the other one is in thirty-five years of land sale contract documents, the name and the first belongs to the people, have some damage, yellowed paper, was on the whole and complete. While a larger is the certificate of land and house property, the paper also slightly yellow, is after the founding of the people’s government issued by the Shangshui county. No. 00006, time is Yijiuwuji years, all names are Yan Bingzhi, Wei Lanzhi, Yan just, county magistrate Li Quan road. Certificate of land and house property is clearly written by selling land area, at the same time, both sides have Shangshui County People’s government documents seal. "This certificate of land and house property above the name is my grandfather, grandmother and father’s name, and the written Fuqing should be my master yan." Yan said that when his father gave him no more talk about these documents. However, according to the land property permits all described above is the location of the housing where he now lives. Ten shop village has more than 2 thousand people in four hundred or five hundred households, the surname is more than and 10, most of them are migrated from the field to the village in the. Mr. Yan said, listening to my grandfather talk about his ancestral home is in Puyang City, and later settled down to ten in common Pu Cun, Shangshui county. This piece of land in order to verify the authenticity of the real estate license and the value of existence, late brother linked to the Zhoukou municipal cultural relics experts, according to experts, the voucher is indeed for the period of the Republic of China, is the real thing, has certain historical value. This land is no doubt that the real estate license is true, but the distance is not far from our current era, and retained a relatively large, so there is no great economic value, not much cash exchange." Experts say. Video: the Land Rover with real estate license crazy love sister & #23628; wire man refused相关的主题文章: