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Zhenjiang road Piaosa hundred dollar bills are falling man riding the Yangzi Evening News Network November 13th news (correspondent Ding Fang Wang Guoyu reporter Wan Lingyun) 13, a Shijinbumei news, WeChat in Danyang circle of friends is widely transmitted and spread. 12 pm, a man riding on a motorcycle, driving a road from the side of the pocket more than hundred dollar bills, Danyang Municipal Urban Management Bureau of Sanitation Department of Xicheng District sanitation XieGuanYuan Zhang Danfeng found, shouting invalid cases, two in the South Loop Danyang picked up 2100 yuan in cash. The face of 2100 yuan with extreme ease, her active alarm and handed the hands of the police. The reporter learned that Zhang Danfeng hard month, wages will be more than 2000 yuan. 12, 1 pm, Danyang sanitation XieGuanYuan Zhang Danfeng after lunch in her home, riding electric car to go home. Via Danyang South Second Ring Road, suddenly she saw a man riding a motorcycle in front of the pants pocket, it does not stop to trickle out of one hundred yuan a picture, but this is not the man. In the face of one hundred dollar bills with the wind road, Zhang Danfeng immediately get off, and then while picking up, shouting: "stop, stop, you lost the money……" However, a man riding a motorcycle helmet, plus the sound noisy, the Aunt Zhang couldn’t hear the cry, and soon disappeared in sight of Zhang Danfeng. Zhang Danfeng trotted along the way, out of nearly 20 meters, one by one to pick up a picture of the RMB fall on the road. At last count, there are 2100 yuan! Later, the owner may reckon after notice to return to find, Zhang Danfeng was waiting for in situ. In about 20 minutes, see the owner came to claim that Zhang Danfeng had to call 110, then 2100 yuan in cash to the scene alarming police hands. The thought of losing money each other certainly anxious, she also repeatedly asked the police as soon as possible to find the owner. Zhang Danfeng Danyang is an ordinary sanitation coordinators, reporters learned that the hard work from dawn to dusk, a month’s salary is a little more than 2000 yuan. "Suddenly picked up so much money, she didn’t want to think, went to the police, but they also have to help find the owner. So much money, the equivalent of one month’s income, but Zhang Danfeng did not mind, handed the initiative……" In an interview, Danyang sanitation department official told reporters that Zhang Danfeng’s behavior, a good interpretation of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation shijinbumei. "That’s someone else’s money. No more!" During the interview, Zhang Danfeng admitted that although his monthly salary will be more than 2000 yuan, but the money is always someone else, and who lost money are very anxious". At present, the police are based on clues, actively looking for the missing man. Extended video: this has nothing to do with the original hundred dollar bills on Grandpa Mao actually fell asleep相关的主题文章: