Zhengzhou four Park transformation towards national do not want to travel far to walk. kairui

Zhengzhou four Park transformation towards national do not want to travel far to walk. The park landscape wall shade – reporter Liu Yaowen map of the National Day vacation, you do not want to travel far, at the door of "mining" fresh place? In order to welcome the long holiday, Zhengzhou city green square management center on the basis of the concept of environmental protection and sponge City, the upgrading of the four parks, garden beauty ready, waiting for you to enjoy! Please come to enjoy Bamboo Culture Park Location: Wen Laolu and culture Road intersection 200 meters to the East Road Based on its location plum and bamboo culture, increase the exhibition hall and convenience service station, the exhibition hall for the public free of charge on Mei bamboo culture related painting, bonsai, provide a learning platform to enjoy love Mei bamboo culture friends. In order to fully display the quiet bamboo species and bamboo forest, in the southeast of the park is not porous soil, fourteen high specification bamboo variety Zizhu, create a piece of 3000 square meters of bamboo, bamboo in the erection of the boardwalk, with modern style pavilion nestled in which, as people traveling in the downtown nirvana. To the cultural park to see the fountain place: Agricultural Road and fair Road intersection reconstruction of pavement and pavement over 99% fountains, water permeable brick, deep water fountain from old to three level water fountains, shallow water, water flow, solve the security risks. In the south of the square of new European corridor, become a good place for casual fans. Beautiful place shade: shade park to enjoy the Dongfeng Road and road intersection of dawn Road, toilets, water, lighting and other systems are reformed from the original echo wall into flower corridor has become a new boutique park landscape, the newly opened flower garden under the wide field there are hundreds of square meters in a large, cedar, ginkgo forest, tree lined densely, for visitors close to nature. Nautical park to appreciate the culture of the Central Plains location: Navigation Road and road intersection is the future Metro Line 5 occupied part, but for the convenience of tourists, sailing in the South Park built a new Chinese style south entrance, white walls and red – cap lattice window, the performance of the original nature, the South also increased at the peak and pine corridor cultural style signs. (big river)相关的主题文章: