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Zhengzhou 20 city open after the purchase mode of the purchase of real estate prices will drop it — — people.com.cn original title: Zhengzhou 20 city open after the purchase mode of the purchase prices will drop it the National Day holiday, a national city including Zhengzhou, the release of market regulation policy people laugh, gold week travel back, found himself unable to buy the real 20 city open purchase model of this round of market prices to go 3 days after the new Henan Daily reporter Dunfee before the national holiday, Zhengzhou introduced a continuous market restriction and limited credit policy, the Zhengzhou municipal government also carried out high-profile interpretation of the policy. Throughout the eleven holidays, Zhengzhou property market fluctuations? Henan Chinese commercial news reporters and reporters and some of the real estate market in the secondary housing market. Future, Zhengzhou property market trend? Prices will be a rational return? Zhengzhou New Deal [purchase] after a lapse of 5 years, once again the purchase of the evening of October 1st, Zhengzhou released the purchase of the property market policy. Since October 2nd, in five areas of Zhengzhou city and Zhengzhou air port, Zheng Dong New District Economic Development Zone, hi tech area, the city residence households have 2 or more housing and have 1 or more housing units and non city residence households, the purchase of 180 square meters (including 180 square meters housing). Here the housing, including new commodity housing and second-hand housing. Have been recognized in the property purchase restrictions policy has been signed before the implementation of the new commodity housing sale contract online filing, the sale of housing stock net contract, according to the original provisions for normal. This is the first time in 5 years after the start of the purchase of Zhengzhou policy. The official interpretation of the recent, Zhengzhou has taken a series of measures to stabilize the real estate market, as long as we rational consumption, for the current housing transactions and prices rose faster momentum restriction measures will end as soon as possible, the sustained and healthy development of the real estate return to normal. Limited loan loan down payment threshold to improve the purchase of the policy issued in Zhengzhou in the past two days, the afternoon of October 3rd, Zhengzhou once again issued a credit limit policy. Households apply for commercial housing loans to individuals for the purchase of the first set of Taoxing construction area of 90 square meters of affordable housing, in principle, the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, down 5 percentage points floating. Households purchase housing located in the "[2016]64 Zheng office" documents (the purchase of the policy file) provisions of the purchase of the region, if the first purchase ordinary housing commercial housing loans to individuals, the minimum Shoufu ratio is 30%; if it is to have 1 sets of housing and housing loans outstanding, the purchase of ordinary housing once again to improve the living conditions for commercial individual housing loans, the minimum down payment ratio of 40%. Compared with the previous first suite 20%, suite 30%, the lowest proportion of the loan down payment, the loan limit policy to improve the access conditions for loans to the two. This means that people buy a house worth 2 million yuan, the first payment is expected to take out more than $200 thousand. Official interpretation of this year, the volume of housing transactions in Zhengzhou and the rapid rise in housing prices, plus)相关的主题文章: