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7 10, the media revealed that Zhao Liying, a red star, had a date with an open car man. Two people met in Shanghai late at night and exposed a video of the shooting. It is reported that the man who the spirit of William Feng, after verification of the car is also belong to William Feng. In

video, the man is careful to open the door for Zhao Liying and take care of it all the way. The two men wore a black couple’s coat. They were very cautious. When the two people came to the underground garage together after dinner, they saw that four talents were not coming back to the hotel together. According to the appearance and vehicle type, some netizens speculated that the man was William Feng. To this, phoenix net entertainment exclusive connection with Zhao Liying’s propaganda director, the other side said that at present not in Shanghai do not understand the situation, after that will give you news. Reporter: is there any connection between Zhao Liying and William Feng after they have finished "the daughter country"? It is not clear that the other party is still understanding the situation. Zhao Liying and William Feng recently collaborated on the movie "the daughter country of the journey to the west" and participated in the activities together. In addition, they recently also cooperation in a new play "know" should be aware of flourishing leaves and withering flowers. Do not know whether two people are because of the drama?


视频中,该男子贴心为赵丽颖开车门,一路细心照顾。两人身穿黑色情侣外套,一路十分谨慎,二人吃完饭后一同来到地下车库,见四下无人才一同回到酒店,根据样貌和车型,有网友推测该男子这是冯绍峰。 对此,凤凰网娱乐独家连线了赵丽颖的宣传总监,对方表示目前不在上海不了解情况,之后会给大家消息。记者问:赵丽颖和冯绍峰拍完《女儿国》后还有联系么?对方表示还在了解情况,尚不清楚。 赵丽颖、冯绍峰最近合作了电影《西游记之女儿国》,还一起参加了活动。另外,他们近期还要合作一部新剧《知否知否应是绿肥红瘦》。不知两人是否因戏生情?相关的主题文章: