Zhangzhou a liquefied natural gas tanker was reduced to the front flat rear end oil flow Montreal pppd-175

Zhangzhou a liquefied natural gas tanker was reduced to the front flat rear end oil flow Montreal the Shen Hai Expressway in Zhangpu to the direction of Guangdong Fujian network November 8th news (reporter Wang Huimin correspondent Wang Guowei Fujian Chen Xionghuaiwen) November 7th 17 PM, in Zhangpu Shen speed section to the direction of Guangdong, a bus carrying 52 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas tanker is a truck rear end. Truck cab 2 trapped people were sent to hospital for treatment, no life-threatening. The tanker was violent rear end 2 trapped in the hospital in Zhangpu Shen speed road to Guangdong direction, Gure port toll station 600 meters. At that time, a full load of liquefied natural gas tanker is a large truck loaded with wine products into a large truck frame violent rear end, truck chassis tightly stuck. Truck cab 2 trapped by the medical staff rushed to the hospital for treatment of 120. A large truck into the tank chassis severe deformation of the front collapsed at the scene, the tank truck burst, because the impact of severe deformation front shrink, leakage of oil, diesel flow over the ground. Zhangpu fire contact tank factory, requirements of vehicles, transportation dispatch pouring equipment and technical personnel to the scene to assist the disposal. Traffic police department immediately on the incident of two-way emergency traffic control. The next morning the two rescue vehicle separation up to more than and 10 hours of local safety supervision bureau, Supervision Bureau, high-speed repair, factory technical personnel also arrived at the scene immediately, the situation was further investigation, to take the two car separation method to eliminate dangerous. The fire department with technical personnel in the factory next to the tanker forward set aside working space, and do a good job of plugging and transferring ready, once the accident can make emergency disposal. Leakage of oil, diesel flow 8 to 1:55 am, which lasted for 5 hours to complete the demolition of tension. 2 3, tanker forward a success to achieve from the car two. 2:54, everything is ready, the traffic police department escorted tanker accident before departure back in Guangdong. As of 8 at 8 in the morning, tanker accident in the factory has been lost after transduction tank. The accident rescue treatment lasted more than and 10 hours.相关的主题文章: