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Zhang Zhaozhong tells the story of a poor life: before 18 hours did not eat apples – Beijing years of my life in his hometown of Zhang Zhaozhong is very important in an interview for the Hebei folks – reporter Huang Ying "day Lu" and "ran and eggs"…… Can you imagine a more than and 60 year old full network of fashion terms? But once the name of this – Zhang Zhaozhong, we will not make a fuss, after all, he has always been humorous and cheerful words and mentality of the famous. In all kinds of media to comment on current events Zhang Zhaozhong has a large number of fans, at the age of 65 he more popular popularity, his own money to organize the team public number has nearly a million fans in late October opening of the micro-blog has recruited about 1400000 followers, is absolutely "rolling star mad red net". Recently, a bureau of Zhang Zhaozhong’s book: "whispering" on the Yangtze River in the new century culture media Limited planning published an interview he responded to public concern all kinds of hot spots at the same time, also told the reporter about his hometown of Hebei in Cangzhou: "I am in the home life lived 18 years, thanks to the folks." About the book: listen to Grandpa tell the past story because of the "submarine" anti haze seaweed wrapped "laser" remarks, Zhang Zhaozhong became friends hearts "strategy Bureau spokesman," Huyou "block" name spread like wildfire. Although it is a joke, but Zhang Zhaozhong calmly accepted the call, and even the individual WeChat public number and micro-blog account are directly named Bureau seat called loyalty, even his new book also took the board seat two words. The main content of book from Zhang Zhaozhong WeChat public number small column "block whispers", in the book he is popular and humorous language, the disclosure of personal education, young soldier, become a scholar’s experience, as well as netizens called "bureau" the concern of the journey. He encouraged young people to practice, innovation, rational view of reality, and the science of national defense, weapons, cyber warfare and other knowledge. Zhang Zhaozhong revealed that the title has two meanings. "The onslaught of bureau seat" is my retirement has opened a new area in the network, expanding its territory; "whisper" is my WeChat public number on the open column, talk about some personal life stories, chat with young people." Zhang Zhaozhong said the new book is full of truth. "It’s all my own feelings and thoughts, and I chat with my children and listen to my grandfather’s story." About the controversy: A dead mouse feels no cold since Zhang Zhaozhong began to appear in the media, around his dispute has been ongoing, but Zhang Zhaozhong never angry not deliberately clarified: "for normal people, others to call him a few words he said a few words feel wronged, for his explanation, I am not. With every step I have been beaten, supercilious, bullied, so I used to. A growing reputation, get it more, I still do, what to say what to say. I have been accustomed to scold, A dead mouse feels no cold, habit." Everyone is familiar with Zhang Zhaozhong talking on the screen, but few people know that he — to learn Arabic cacuminal specially made oral surgery, now every day at 5 o’clock in the morning to update the public number, after retirement is still working with"相关的主题文章: