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Zhang Yixing new record record overseas solo stage first publicly cited Sohu carnival entertainment Zhang Yixing solo "what U need" by Zhang Yixing solo stage Sohu entertainment news October 7th, Zhang Yixing on the birthday person first to open the new solo album "what U need listen to rob song", homeopathic contract outside the big list, record the overseas music charts record a Chinese, best singer. 9 evening, Zhang Yixing in South Korea "2016 Busan Asian Music Festival" for the first time publicly listen to rob solo stage, cool light, Zhang Yixing gas field full, exudes a unique charm control stage, perfect reproduction of MV sexy playful dance scene, ignite passion, causing fans carnival. Zhang Yixing new record overseas record, best singer China hit "what U need" Solo – the world’s first, once on-line rapidly across foreign rankings, MV open 21 hours, the overseas official platform YouTube playback volume has broken million, Zhang Yixing became the fastest on the platform of YouTube MV exceeded 2 million of the Chinese singer, and was sustained rising trend. At the same time, according to incomplete statistics, the first Chinese song, has occupied the Thailand iTunes song list MV ranked first, 1 Turkey list, Japan ranked 5, Canada 16 overall classification ranked 12, Hongkong ranked sixth, Malaysia ranked seventh. At present, the song MV iTunes MV overall standings in the United States has risen to third in the rankings, pop pop ranked second, called the best singer in the United States China on the list. Zhang Yixing solo first stage public cool dance, hey turn the audience on the evening of 9, Zhang Yixing in Busan "2016 Asian music festival for the first time publicly the new album" what U need listen to rob song "solo stage. Cool light, Zhang Yixing wearing a pink coat "Xing" elements, perfect reproduction of the dance playful sexy MV. Solo solo part, a control stage he is the gas field full, full vigor. With dynamic music rhythm, Zhang Yixing a set of dance movements such as strength, ease, freely flowing style of writing, the scene instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. The end of the song, applause, cheers can be heard without end, the hall was shouted in unison, "Zhang Yixing", causing fans carnival. Subsequently, Zhang Yixing on the stage to all the fans love to support the fans expressed their gratitude, a simple "thank you for all the support! Thank you all!" It contains the most sincere feelings. As a new generation of music after 90, Zhang Yixing is using a more international style of music, with fresh ideas to open up the domestic and international market. A new record of successfully performing Solo arena as well as the new record in the overseas market, reveals the level and strength of the young musicians, but also let more overseas fans feel the charm of music culture China. No wonder there are fans praise, there is talent, willing to work hard and gratitude, Zhang Yixing, you said you want to lead the Chinese music into the world, you do, we are proud of you.  相关的主题文章: