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Bai Kainan Yundi Li " " He Jie; love; show beauty plan – Yundi Li, Kennan talked about the entertainment Sohu white hospital Sohu entertainment news Chinese embarrassments first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will usher in the tenth phase of the program on the Saturday night video 22:30 Sohu. Last week, He Jie with wonderful performances won the history of the highest number of votes, the next I was champion down rhetoric "." Who will be the last in the final to win the tickets? He Jie’s rhetoric can be achieved? Wonderful coming soon.     Yundi Li Bai Kainan hospital launched a "small love" anecdotes Yundi Li into tears and white piano male god Kennan this period turned love to kill the small scene by ship to switch to the hospital. Two people were hospitalized during staged a series of hilarious farce. A few days later, you don’t have time to be together." Attracted two people on their own illness. In the face of the life of Yundi Li and the white There is not much left., Kennan animosity, began to take the initiative to each other on the other side of the white Tan made "bad". Bai Kainan Berson disease Yundi Li smile, even resorted to exhaust all the skills. However, this is actually Yundi Li deliberately toss him, what exactly is the intention of Yundi Li? What’s the story behind? This Saturday night is about to be revealed. Aya Huang Xiaolei scores upgrade, staged office Spy Drama Aya Huang Xiaolei scores to upgrade a career and a family hard Aya and Huang Xiaolei scores from the "thousand happy door" extended to the modern office. This program, two people don’t miss for vice president, for reasons both conceal career office romance, staged a tea spy war drama, the rivalry between the two sisters and this time what will bring wonderful performances? Still sweetly before the second talking underground love, the next moment Huang Xiaolei broke verse: "I can support yourself why you keep me? When you stop the progress of man when I got nowhere to go, one day you will look down on me." But why do independent career women hesitate to face a test sheet? In short, who will spend? How will the contemporary women face the career and family? Yang Wei Fry’s father-in-law Yang Wei turned the Almighty son-in-law adopted piecemeal with father-in-law that marriage is not two people but two people, in this program, Liu Hua and Yang Wei launched a father-in-law and the son-in-law of wits tug of war. Her own daughter married security father Liu Hua, with a group of brothers for prospective son-in-law Yang Wei a little color to see see. In the face of his father-in-law’s provocation, Yang Wei is also prospective son-in-law prepared, adopted piecemeal. Not only synchronized with push ups father-in-law 3000 push ups against challenge, but also a big show of gymnastics backflip. In the face of cultural questions Yang Wei full of calm, relaxed. But Liu Hua found that the perfect son-in-law has a little IQ defect, this is how it? Yang Wei can get the wife return? Hu Yanbin in the battlefield, the battlefield and joy Hu Yanbin to protect our homes and defend our country sign who laughs last song, on the occasion of World War II, in the flames of war, the incarnation of Hu Yanbin to major general Yang Zongbao, in the battlefield, but in the pro.相关的主题文章: