Yuho future train for village to bring cool technology experience – Beijing-plants war

Yuho "future train for" village "to bring cool technology experience – Beijing, Beijing, September 26,   recently, in order to allow more Shijiazhuang people to experience how technology is changing our daily life, and to step Suning store and Land Rover Jaguar, sent hundreds of" future train full landing Shijiazhuang. Specially dispatched hundreds of "future train", open the "matrix" version of Cool Travel technology. The next train will meet in Shijiazhuang alone, and step driver dressed in Neo dress, let the passengers immediately into the matrix of the future of the world. In addition to luxury car Jiejia, yuho also join Suning for the people of Shijiazhuang for thousands of technology gift. On that day, sitting on the train in the future excellent step to the citizens of Shijiazhuang, including iPhone 7, Bluetooth headset, intelligent humidifier, car raffle tickets and other multiple awards. At the same time, excellent step also provides tens of thousands of 30 yuan coupons, designed to make the people of Shijiazhuang travel more affordable and convenient. Wen Yilong, general manager, said: innovation is the eternal theme of the future of the world. Excellent step is committed to allowing people to travel through science and technology to become cheaper, more efficient, more convenient. In the eyes of most people, science and technology seems to lack the temperature, not easy to be perceived by the public. Yuho and Suning stores hope through the cross-border cooperation, the seemingly distant future technology to the door, see, touch, taste and feel." It is reported that the taxi software excellent step in July 27th officially entered Shijiazhuang, which is the best step in the first city in Hebei province. According to statistics, excellent step on the first day of the harvest in Shijiazhuang, more than 10 thousand single trip, and by virtue of the proud Zhou Cheng single amount to break the excellent step in other cities in China into a single record. August 1st excellent step in China and announced after the merger, excellent step to continue to operate independently. Excellent step Shijiazhuang continued momentum of development trend, continued to increase in volume. At present, excellent step in Shijiazhuang has a total of 50% of the price, 1.5 yuan per kilometer, 0.25 yuan per minute, no night fee, no long-distance charges, and provide a huge discount on the basis of the original price, the overall prices continue to go close to the people, at the same time, Shijiazhuang City as a new line, passenger subsidy is alarming intensity. Where the new registered users in Shijiazhuang, in the excellent step APP enter the raw and proud discount code, you can get the first 30 yuan of new user ride gold. Excellent step Shijiazhuang city official Yang Yangzi said, excellent step will continue to discount activities, more tangible benefits for the people of Shijiazhuang.相关的主题文章: