Young hand travel to spend 130 thousand months to call the game on the classification of the line – -exit safe mode

The boy spent 130 thousand months playing Mobile Games calls for the classification of the game on the line – game original title: young Mobile Games spent 130 thousand months playing game "call the Guiyang public He Yongchun put the mobile phone online grading to 14 year old son green (a pseudonym) with a month later, with the mobile phone bound bank card deposit more than 130 thousand yuan less. After the alarm, check a toss, she realized that the money was his son through more than 120 transactions, the purchase of 3 mobile phone game props. He Yongchun believes that their children have a weak side monitoring, but this series of problems is also worthy of attention. (October 13th China "Youth Daily") first, to be sure, the green long unchecked play Mobile Games quietly spend huge amounts of cash, bank card, parents can not shirk its responsibility. But at the same time, game operators lax audit, induced consumption, anti addiction system idle problem, can not be ignored. Just think, if the operator in the game on the strict registration management, strict restrictions on children under 14 years of age, will lead to such consequences? In the content settings can "restraint" some, there will be a huge amount of money? Therefore, the young hand travel to play 130 thousand months, can not be paid by the parents. According to the relevant provisions of the general principles of civil law, contract law and other relevant provisions of the law of the people’s Republic of China, the people under the age of 14 are of limited capacity for civil conduct. Green spend 130 thousand yuan to buy online game equipment sales contracts, obviously inconsistent with their ability to act, parents have the right to require game operators to cancel the contract. But the problem is that, due to the inability to define the purchase of equipment is green, or their parents, resulting in 130 thousand of the game equipment, it is likely to be paid by the green parents. With the advent of the era of mobile Internet, the scene has been infiltrated into all aspects of the community. Customers simply scan the code, reply to short messages, you can complete the payment. This is convenient for consumers, but also to a certain extent, caused by the main burden of proof. In the face of fantasy plot, the content of the magic of the mobile game, the child is difficult to control. In this context, how to ensure that the rights and interests of minors are not infringed? First of all, parents should improve the ability to prevent, strengthen management and control, do not let the child lost in the game, sink. More importantly, the game rating system should be on-line as soon as possible. At present, there are nearly 1/3 of the world has implemented the game classification system. For example, the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries of the game is divided into 4 grades, so that customers of all ages play their proper role in the game "". This will not only prevent the child from violence, pornography, terrorism and other content of the poison, but also allows adults to fully enjoy the fun of the game. Just think, if the game rating system on the line, green nature is only suitable for these adults out of the game, but also may play hand travel month spent 130 thousand? For the introduction of the classification of the game system, some foreign game industry so impressive, "no one to love their own initiative set in chains, but we don’t do what the government is reason enough to." Visible, more practitioners from the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, with the government departments as soon as the introduction of the game rating system. This is not only the protection of the相关的主题文章: