Yangzhou caught Laolai three brothers life is a debt of 200 million bright morning jinshen

Yangzhou "Laolai three brothers" was arrested early in the morning of life but we mainly talk about 200 million bright debt today is Wang "Laolai three brothers" – when they were young do contractors, project started. Currently operating in Yangzhou leisure center and real estate, housing is 3 villas, according to family lined up from the east to the west. But life is so bright they, but because of the failure of investment, the debt of 2 hundred million also! After 5:10 after a deployment, each team to the destination! More than 4 in the morning the city more than 90 executive officers assembled, ready to "catch Laolai" action. At 5:30 the joint implementation brigade came to Mei Xiang Yuan, Wang’s 3 brothers were rushed to the home of the villa, part of the staff at the front door, the other part of the people around back. In case the three brothers fled. At 5:45 knocked on the door more than and 10 minutes after the second King opened the door, he asleep stoop in my pajamas, wearing a neck jade, wrist wearing Rolex". The king four 5:50 to open the door, see police officers executed a search warrant, he quickly said no what property home. The other side of the old king in front of the house, knocking on the police for nearly 20 minutes, although the house can hear someone talking, but no one opened the door, the final executive invited unlock. 6:29 unlock finally open two locks Wang old home, when the old man enters the room, a family of three was upstairs to see. In the face of the executive, the king old family angry, his wife complained that the court does not follow the routine the cards, "not to come to work in time". Son Wang was very unhappy, and arrogant attitude, he sat on the sofa, your feet lit up a cigarette, "all of you to take out to see my id." Eventually, because he did not cooperate with law enforcement, was taken away by the executive. Wang three brothers and other 4 people were taken to the Yangzhou intermediate people’s court. What did they say to the judge’s conversation? The following is a dialogue according to the design of the content of the dialogue – the judge: you 3 brothers were executed nearly $200 million, you know?" The king four: "where there is so much?! I asked for reconciliation." Judge: "you alone, not a guarantee of debt, can remember the debt of about 52000000 yuan, but also to go on? "The king of four:"…… Judge: "the court’s decision has come into effect. Why don’t you declare the property to the court in time?" The Wang brothers: "we are not willing to pay back the money, others owe us money without pay, not by the hands of real estate mortgage, is in the near future to cash, so no money to repay." Wang second: Yes, we have no money on the bank card, the family is the most valuable TV, now eat is a problem." The judge: "from your home and who seized a few watches and jade, how will the money to eat?" The Wang brothers: "these are false, it bought 200 pieces of jade." After 4 hours of talks, 3 people are still not out of the money, court on 3 people to take coercive measures of judicial detention. Wang also blocked the implementation of judicial detention by the court. Results: after 67 operations on 15 people detained in Yangzhou City, Gaoyou, Jiangdu mobile, Baoying court set.相关的主题文章: