Yancheng two men on a high-speed convenient two hundred fine record six points-synnex

Yancheng: two men high speed "convenient" fine two hundred mark six points, October 7th afternoon, with the National Day Holiday Countdown is approaching, the highway ushered in the return peak, a large number of return vehicles into the free highway. In order to ensure the safe passage of the return vehicle, Shen Hai Expressway Yancheng Traffic Police Brigade two organized a group of police in the rain to the high speed patrol, timely check the relevant illegal behavior, to avoid the occurrence of safety incidents. At three o’clock, the reporter with a pile No. 987 near the road police patrol to speed Shen te Yong hub interchange on the south side, found a van with double jump stop in the emergency lane, behind did not display obvious signs, he stopped and asked about the situation, it is understood that the car driver was not debug car air conditioning, resulting in a mist on the glass, you stop to wipe the glass. In the East Yancheng toll station on the north side of the highway, the police on duty driving just not far from the ramp, and on the south side of Sheyang service area of two km, respectively, to see a car parked in the emergency lane, in the face of inquiry, two car driver argued, know that high speed can not stop, but will really hold out, just stop convenient. According to the relevant provisions of "road traffic safety law", "in the case of non emergency, driving motor vehicles outside the bus stop in the highway lane", the police on duty immediately made a penalty of two hundred yuan for three drivers and six points for punishment.

盐城:两男子高速上“方便” 罚款两百记六分 10月7日下午,随着国庆长假倒计时的临近,各条高速公路迎来了返程高峰,大量的返程车辆涌入免费的高速公路。为了确保返程车辆的安全通行,沈海高速盐城高速交警二大队组织多组民警冒雨到高速上巡查,及时查纠相关违法行为,避免安全事故的发生。下午三点多钟,记者随一路民警巡查到沈海高速特庸枢纽互通南侧的987号桩附近,发现一辆面包车打着双跳停在应急车道里,后面没有摆放明显的标志,便赶忙停车询问情况,据了解,该车驾驶员因不会调试车内空调,导致玻璃上有雾气,就停车下来擦拭玻璃的。在盐城东收费站北侧的高速公路上,执勤民警驾车刚出匝道口不远,以及射阳服务区南侧两公里处,分别看到一辆轿车停在应急车道里,面对询问,两车驾驶员辩称,知道高速上不能停车,但小便实在是憋不住了,才停车下来方便的。根据《道路交通安全法》“在非紧急情况,驾驶营运车辆客车以外的机动车在高速公路车道内停车的”的相关规定,执勤民警随即对三名驾驶员作出罚款两百元、记六分的处罚决定。相关的主题文章: