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Xu Xiang was formally prosecuted 7 rumors "under investigation" – Sohu cover news news reporter Xiong Haoran at the beginning of November, the Xu Xiang case may have new trends in the news spread, the financial circles in the afternoon of November 10th, the Qingdao Municipal People’s Procuratorate official news release, according to the Shanghai Ze hee Cci Capital Ltd legal representative, general manager, Xu Xiang, et al. The relevant listed company chairman, the actual control of alleged stock market manipulation case series, prosecution to the Qingdao City Intermediate People’s court. Once the dust settles, the head ring, Armani will wear white coats. "Ningbo death squads captain Xu Xiang will officially stand on the dock. Qingdao city seized under the chairman of a listed company case involving Xu Xiang in Qingdao City People’s Procuratorate Xu Xiang, micro-blog released through its official prosecution, cover news (thecover) reporter to call the hospital, want to have relevant information for further confirmation and understanding. Wiring staff said that the current can be disclosed only limited to the contents of the official announcement, no other information can be disclosed. The reporter saw in the procuratorate released information, except for Xu Xiang, and the chairman of listed companies, the actual controller refers to the case, which is a specific company and who involved in the Xu Xiang case became the biggest question. In 2015 after the Xu Xiang incident, three executives of listed companies once lost, of which Ningbo Zhongbai two directors Xu Jun, Zhao Yibo lost 1 months after coming through the company announcement said the 5 companies can perform their duties properly, and another in the Ningbo independent director Yang Wangxiang to the office to submit resignation. 10, the same day, the reporter tried to log in Shanghai Chak hee Cci Capital Ltd official website, found that the site has been unable to open. In November 4th, the site snapshot, the page reads such a paragraph: Shanghai Chak hee Cci Capital Ltd was founded in December 7, 2009, the registered capital of 30 million yuan of real capital. Chak hee investment is based on the research of the investment professional, rigorous, standardized use of various financial instruments for the customer management of financial wealth, to the sustainable growth of the asset management responsibility, to become have important influence to the domestic capital market, a respected Asset Management Co. Now it seems that it makes people feel some regret. Chak hee stocks at the beginning of the month was "the change" Xu Xiang parents denied the shares held in the auction this month at the beginning of the month, the Xu Xiang case may have new progress, and Xu Xiang Ze hee equity holdings will be auctioned off the news began to spread in the financial market, some stocks had also dabbled in Chak hee investment to rise. And after November 9th, more than the so-called Xu Xiang concept stocks have issued a statement that has not received the relevant notification. Some of the actual control of the company, that is, Xu Xiang’s parents, Xu Bailiang and also have made it clear that, and did not receive any notice of its shares will be the judicial auction of the notice of. According to incomplete statistics, there are still Xu Xiang Department of listed companies have about 10. Xu Xiang holdings in these 10 companies reached 871 million shares, of which 842 million were frozen. Xu Bailiang and some of the shares held by Zheng Suzhen.相关的主题文章: