Xu Jiao, we will be in the end of the incarnation of young girls in the public interest in the end – htc802w

Xu Jiao "us" Avatar motion girl will charity in the end – Sohu entertainment incarnation of Xu Jiao sports department basketball baby Xu Jiao’s angel Xi Mengyao Xu Jiao pictures of teams to win the public welfare fund Sohu entertainment Xu Jiao last week, "we have come to the" in the sports department become the embodiment of the basketball baby, this program in each round of the game winner won the Song Qingling foundation the bonus winnings will be donated to a local sports foundation as children, although Xu Jiao body petite, but she is still active in the game process, the wit to defend the method to prevent the ball. Previously, Xu Jiao was very concerned about public welfare, has repeatedly in the online social networking platform for donations, and called on everyone to care about social vulnerable groups offer love. In another photo session in the creative competition, Xu Jiao’s performance is a small photography expert, clever use of farm characteristics of props, beauty in the ancient town of Tengchong looking for creative photo shoot, and for the world supermodel Xi Mengyao worked as a photographer, as this group of photography play. Girls play photography skills for brain hole when the photographer in Victoria’s Secret photo session, Xu Jiao with a cherry theme suspenders skirt + white doll collar shirt and double ponytail style appearance, very childlike lovely. In this session, the guests need to be required by the program group, with the designated props to shoot creative photos. Xu Jiao got a group of ducks, baskets and scarves, for such a "mix" of the props, site director Xu Jiao body, coordinate all stations pose, a Yuan Hong duck head kneeling washboard and Carina Lau, Sheenah, and Xi Mengyao staged a large full sense of drama, the fiery furnace is very wonderful. After Xu Jiao tried to find a place after the bridges of the beauty, the duck into the basket and put to the central bridge, the Victoria’s Secret Ming Xi as her exclusive models. Under the guidance of a photographer, Xu Jiao, lying on the side of the bridge, she was seriously lying on the other side of the bridge to find the angle, light, focus, it is very professional. Xu Jiao majored in film at school, and learned a lot of photography related theoretical knowledge, usually will assemble their own camera. In this program, Xu Jiao in their own personal practice to learn photography skills, and Victoria Secret Angel Xi Mengyao to take pictures, but also a special practice and experience. The sports field in avoiding short-term offline wit for charity force in the next photo session, Xu Jiao and other guests were divided into two teams to win the basketball game, one can receive public funds donated to the local poor students. Xu Jiao is weak, but in the sport’s strength under the guidance of Bao Chunlai, Xu Jiao successfully mastered the trick. In the game, Xu Jiao to defend its clever, standing in the back position, process for holding type to intercept each other, netizens praised Xu Jiao on the court’s wit it". In fact, Xu Jiao is a hundred-percent vest line girl, but also good at swimming, free love of traditional archery, when working in Taipei had to ask the teacher some knowledge of traditional archery. For the sake of public interest in the program, in life, Xu Jiao also actively participate in public welfare activities, called on everyone to focus on vulnerable groups in society. Recently, she is in the net相关的主题文章: