Xing Xiaoyao and makeup photos promotion platform disfiguring response txplatform

Xing Xiaoyao and makeup photos response platform for the promotion of disfiguring red beauty Xing Xiaoyao Xing Xiaoyao Su Yanzhao Sina network entertainment news October 9th morning, Xing Xiaoyao himself had the red net forward a micro-blog said: "not hypocritical, I was the iron king! Come ah! Ugly or! Mei hao! All i! I like my every look! I will come back tomorrow morning comments! Love to say what to say, I just continue to share makeup, wear, fitness, eating, sleeping, prostitution, gambling, wave……" Previously, some people booking platform to do beauty della medical beauty is not anti disfigured, many users will be directed at the platform for doing promotion Xing Xiaoyao. 7, 2009, Xing Xiaoyao published micro-blog responded that he did not get the Promotion Commission, is that they really feel good to recommend, and the United States and the United States effect varies from person to person. Finally she points out: "do not play in the ultrasonic scalpel and hyaluronic acid fat filling face, can dissolve the hyaluronic acid and fat and then beat." The suspect implied woman had done similar surgery disfigurement. Since then, she closed the micro-blog review. Netizens to Xing Xiaoyao mixed, supporters say: "I hope you don’t after all now more network mob make blind and disorderly conjectures." There are users questioned: I just remember that you said before a micro-blog: then the promotion is your only source of income. Anyway, don’t lie." (Intern Huang Humanities)相关的主题文章: