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Xin Zhilei won the praise of the face film "Yangtze River map" second eyes "surprise – Sohu entertainment Yangtze River map" poster Sohu entertainment news under the "sixty-sixth Berlin International Film Festival outstanding artistic achievement award Silver Bear Award", "Chinese last film" aura, film "Yangtze River map" in the September 9th National release. Although the literary film in recent years Chinese market has gained momentum, but the game in the same schedule arranging art films and commercial films has never stopped, and the audience seems to have good creative film. Compared with the cool "know", after the release of the film to play the heroine in Anlu Xin Zhilei is gradually in social media is hot, after the film became Li Pingbin’s God big coffee photographer in second eyes. Xin Zhilei as the true sense of the first movie film, she played in Anlu in fact has been four years past. It is no wonder that after four years of development, Xin Zhilei said again again she will be better. In this movie, Xin Zhilei wore a makeup can even see a tiny freckled face, wrapped in linen clothes, completed the character shape. In Li Pingbin’s camera, powerful label these amplified true become Zhilei symplectic "strength" actress. And in the literary film male god Qin Hao opponents play, Xin Zhilei "art actress" character was fully arouse. And the audience directly to the Zhilei symplectic labeled "film face" label. Think of her appearance, temperament and feeling is born for the film. But on the face and how to fully carry "film" banner, behind this reputation, of course, is excellent acting support Zhilei xin. Hold "dead to take" Yangtze River map "" to Xin Zhilei, in the process of fulfilling this role in Anlu, also took out the Northeast girl’s forthright and drive. Although his poor water, but several Yangtze River and close contact scenes are shot "die". For example, a Anlu Dutch act play, stepping on mud Zhilei symplectic gradually to the Yangtze River to go deeper, the bottom of broken glass scratched feet, there is a lifeguard beside 20 meters, ready to rescue. The winter temperature in the Yangtze River water below several degrees Celsius, in order to ensure the water scenes of the shooting, she never touch alcohol in water to drink half a bottle of wine before shooting up courage, while also ensuring the lips can not shake, facial expressions are not stiff, then face the camera slowly surfaced. As to the feelings of the line, Xin Zhilei and Qin Hao to play the heroine of the play also feeling a lot of things. In the Yangtze river stretches, the actress playing Xin Zhilei in the age span of ten years, with the actor constantly meet respectively, Zhilei Xin performance and the heroine of different ages love view. Under tension or literary, or those acting crazy, or restraint, or indulgence, Xin Zhilei movie debut was "Yangtze River map" director Yang Chao this evaluation — not flattering, thankless, with large field actors. Perhaps it is this dirty and not flatter, can realize the film language stateless communication mission. Xin Zhilei to depict a profound and delicate figure, deeply moved by the international movie star: Meryl Streep?. Give Way。相关的主题文章: