Xiangtan, a man suffering from a terminal illness changed into a stolen car to Yunnan ssport

Xiangtan a terminally ill man had a big change to steal the car to Yunnan original title: silent husband, stole a car and drove to Yunnan (the two time he left home after the diagnosis of cancer, "perhaps the wife thinks his heart is too bitter") in October 27th, Xiangtan home, her husband Liu Yusheng (a pseudonym) suddenly from Changsha was rushed to the police take away. No criminal record of her husband, suddenly become "theft suspects", his wife Song Aihua (a pseudonym) was shocked. September 10th, Liu Yusheng ran away from home, after a month no news. His wife did not know that he stole a car in Changsha, drove alone to Yunnan, nearly a month later, he suddenly returned home. What happened during that time, he did not say a word. Until the song was taken away by police, China realized what happened. Liu Yusheng’s change from the beginning of April this year was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. In his wife’s view, since then his temperament changed, the two time away from home. Song Aihua thought, "maybe it’s too hard for him". Wayward husband after the illness was two times Frence leave at 9:30 on the morning of October 28th, Song Aihua took the coat, hat to Changsha xinkaipu police station hall. She told reporters that her husband is now the body is very weak, although it was taken away by the police is also wearing a coat, but she was afraid of Changsha cold weather, early in the morning and will be the home of thick clothes and hat. Taking into account the physical condition of Liu Yusheng, the police took him early in the morning to Changsha first hospital for physical examination. In the process of waiting for her husband to come back, Song Aihua constantly received calls from relatives and friends, from time to time quietly wiping tears. "We really don’t know what he’s doing," he said. "He’s always at home and doesn’t talk to me." Song Aihua said he and his wife married more than ten years, has a son and a daughter, now a family living in Xiangtan, Liu Yusheng. Liu Yusheng was sick before, is a Master Mason, one family life is not rich, but also insipid. "His character is nothing in my heart." Song Aihua said that her husband has been not very talkative, always quietly work, do things. Do Mason eat very hard, also not the rule, he often abdominal pain, but Liu Yusheng refused to tell his family, could not in bed. In April this year, Liu Yusheng check in Xiangtan Central Hospital, found to have advanced lung cancer. After the first chemotherapy, he suddenly ran out of the hospital, I do not know, the hospital and his family looking around, to the second night, Liu Yusheng himself back home. Regardless of how family members asked, he had been silent. Song Aihua said, in order to help cure her husband, she quit her job, Xunyiwenyao everywhere, within half a year spent hundreds of thousands of yuan, heard that Xiangtan has a famous old Chinese medicine, a good recipe for the treatment of cancer, 160 yuan a pair of medicine, Song Aihua once bought a course. For his wife to pay, but Liu Yusheng some cold, he not only refused to re chemotherapy, but also refused to traditional Chinese medicine. What makes more uncomfortable, he is quietly in bed, silent. In September 10th, a few days before the Mid Autumn Festival, Liu Yusheng once again gone "". Song Aihua by phone, SMS tried to contact her husband, but has no response, "contact for several days did not return, we called the police.")相关的主题文章: