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Xi’an traced the tour chaos "Banquet" an incense sold 99 yuan – Beijing, according to CNR reported Shaanxi Xi’an tour travel chaos frequent: XiAn Railway Station soliciting serious illegal operation of vehicles, tourist attractions, tourists bundled Kengpian crudely made. In this regard, the tourism sector in Xi’an and Lintong recently responded, as soon as possible to carry out a special inspection of scenic spots. "Banquet" an incense sold 99 yuan during the National Day holiday, XiAn Railway Station square with many street soliciting tourism practitioners, tourists pay 20 yuan and 400 yuan fare tickets (adult tickets), can participate in the one-day tour of Xi’an, to the attractions are tourism companies, Tourism Bureau handpicked attractions, is also the country 4A class tourist attractions, banquet and Wang Ying two major attractions are together to visit. The reporter unannounced visits found that a tour scenic spots in Palace of the Earth, the Museum of the eight wonders of the world are basically wax products and imitation, imitation of coarseness, there are still problems of cultural relics annotation errors. For example, in the area of Hongmenyan ruins, a replica is marked as four sheep to respect, but only in respect to the four sheep Chinese National Museum in the late Shang Dynasty bronze. In addition, bundled with the Hongmenyan Wang Ying scenic spot sales, there are free tips, sign, solution Hongmen induced incense routine, an incense price 99 yuan. Lintong district management admit declining quality for media questions, Xi’an City Tourism Bureau Inspection Team Captain Mei Zengwu said in an interview, the Xi’an Municipal Tourism Bureau has held a special meeting and form opinions, "first, serious processing personnel involved, make suspended inspection decision on tourist complaints, complaints telephone staff, further according to the progress of the investigation and handling of several scenic spots; second, reports reflect, to carry out special inspection, the planning department staff in Shaanxi Province, Xi’an city and Lintong District Tourism Bureau has three to four scenic spots, Lintong District Tourism Bureau to carry out special inspections for scenic facilities, quality of service, network publicity etc. the situation. The Palace of the Earth, Museum of the eight wonders of the world, Hongmenyan ruins three A-level scenic spots in the National Tourism Administration issued tourism scenic quality rating management measures to carry out self-examination, the 8 inspection report submitted to the Lintong Tourism Bureau, Lintong Tourism Bureau in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations seriously." Lintong District Propaganda Department staff said: non-standard behavior will be completed within two days rectification. In recent years, scenic quality may decline. First of all, tourism scenic scenic departments require strict implementation of 3A standards; secondly, like "incense" the travel chaos, to supervise the rectification, two to increase inspection efforts; thirdly, to carry out rectification of the problem of labeling is not standardized exhibition; finally, in addition to the problems mentioned in the report, we require all the sights of after self-examination, make a decision in the tourism sector, we will carry out inspections on all the attractions." Since October 7th the next three months, Xi’an and Lintong Tourism Bureau will also focus on the development of a one-day market order special rectification.相关的主题文章: