Xian Peijin Yu Wenwen – Mermaid Sang Lan Lianji spell – Overture in entertainment Sohu havd707

Xian Peijin Yu Wenwen "-" Mermaid Overture Lianji in spell – Sohu Sang Lan entertainment in Lisa singing "Lotus" the Sohu entertainment news produced by Yao off the media TV drama "city of fantasy" is every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV hit. Everyone has heard the tragic love Mermaid Princess and the prince, whether it is poetry, fairy tales, animation or video works, the mermaid of love brave people are enduring. In the TV drama "city of fantasy", Medina plays the mermaid Sang Lan and Kim Hee Sun plays Lianji also brings a lot of moving to the audience, by Xian Peijin and Yu Wenwen respectively JVR Music to sing for the fish, "the other shore" "Lotus war" more reputable. Xian pethy Huang Junlang masterpiece "the other shore" fish reproduction without regret sad cello Sang Lan Love Lyrics by the talented poet Huang Junlang, female composer Xian pethy personality "shore fish" lyrics emotion delicate, sad melody, affected by the introduction of a lot of users favorite, Xian Pei Jin not only play the role of composer Sang Lan song the more person singing this song. Sang Lan in the drama of noble realms as the most beautiful mermaid princess, who was surrounded by love to grow, because no one thought at first sight buried the tragedy of life seed. The face of love, she can ignore the sinister world in three traveled wandering to find Castle (William Feng ornaments), in order to choose happiness down Castle waved goodbye, is more willing to pay for everything even CaSO is a tear stone most precious. In the face of his wife feel incompetent frustration, eager to see his side of the struggle to make this struggle for love, love for the role of getting more and more audience resonance. "I have heard, the world laughed and said I was stupid, but how, for thousands of years without Bobbi not loved a moment out of the mist clothes at the expense of love the brave," the fish from the water, begged for a free, free of the other side, looking for a long time people again remember to be infinitely sad to deceive the mist clothes after the suicide. "The other shore" fish with violin sob and Xian pethy carefree sentimental unique singing Weiweidaolai Sang Lan actually regretless life pathos, melodious and sense of the full picture. Sing for the talented Yu Wenwen style reversal first song lyrics powerful Lianji cited bemoaned the lonely life play the guitar very well singing talent Yu Wenwen had been favored sporty pop rock, the composer and singer "Lotus" is a change in the past the genre became very lyrical. By Li Nian and the word "catchy, cloud ice, collapse into the meteor", "snow everywhere, the endless sky, the whole world of loneliness, laugh at life, in my hand, falling cherry petals withered" words not only rhyme, and imagination is a powerful and unconstrained style, "the resurrection whose fate the game, who is sad or happy, drink the hidden lotus soup by heart, I decided to" restore the height of Lianji this image on the fate of the game to control the master. In the TV drama "city of fantasy", for her son Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu) future step by step wrong, strong maternal love has caused extensive discussion of the audience. Youth true love, cold love marriage, son to the brother of self destruction, in the full sense of rhythm with Lisa music and singing and lengao expressed Lianji lonely sad one.相关的主题文章: