Xiamen BRT bus may meet for the first time in 8 years at the price adjustment of income over expendi dachiyouxiang

Xiamen BRT bus may meet for the first time in 8 years at the price adjustment of income over expenditure BRT operations currently exist in the case of income over expenditure. Reporter Chen Lijie photo BRT fare concern Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news (reporter Lei Yu) every day, more than 300 thousand passengers aboard the BRT travel, the people of Xiamen, BRT is not only an indispensable means of transport, or the construction of a beautiful city name card. Yesterday, the Xiamen development and Reform Commission issued a notice, "said in 2016 11 held in mid and late BRT bus fare adjustment hearing". This means that the bus fare has not been adjusted BRT, may usher in the first price adjustment. Notice said, Xiamen BRT since 2008, operating costs and operating environment has changed, therefore, after the study, intends to BRT bus fare structural adjustment. People can put forward opinions on the price adjustment. It is reported that, in order to listen to consumers, operators and the views of the community, improve the government price decision of democratic, scientific and transparent, the Xiamen Municipal Development and Reform Commission according to the "measures", the government set prices hearings in Fujian province "the implementation of the" People’s Republic of China consumer protection law "and other relevant provisions, to adjust the BRT bus fare hearings held in the mid to late 11. This hearing set 15 hearing participants, including 2 operators (station companies and operating companies in 1), 6 of consumers, 2 experts and scholars, relevant government departments in 5, a gallery 5, press 5. This newspaper will continue to collect the views of all parties, the public can call the morning news hotline 8080000 to express their views, the morning news reporter will bring your ideas to the scene of the hearing. Why the price adjustment? They say that Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news (morning news reporter Lei Yu) opening date, BRT has been operating for 8 years, is the first to take the viaduct mode BRT Chinese system, not only the high speed convenient, and make the public and tourists praise to Xiamen low fares. How popular is BRT? From a set of data can be seen: every day, Xiamen has 2 million 600 thousand people rely on public transport travel, travel by BRT about 340 thousand people. In other words, BRT only 5% of the capacity to share the city’s public travel of 13%. 8 years with the same fare why this adjustment, what is the reason behind? Morning news reporter interviewed the industry stakeholders. 30%-40% why income is only 1 of spending income over expenditure in July this year, the High German map released the first half of 2016 "Chinese main city public traffic report", Shanghai and Xiamen were ranked Chinese transit city charts, was rated as the most suitable city bus travel. The report said that in the country’s major cities in the rankings, the overall cost of bus travel in Xiamen is the lowest, the average price of less than 1.5 yuan fare, Xiamen won a lot of praise. Compared to conventional bus 1 to $2, BRT travel costs may be lower. At present, charging scheme of BRT from the beginning of 2008, the cumulative valuation way take charge, in charge of cash.相关的主题文章: