X will restart the X-Men series or soft special agent team coming soon pullip

X will restart the X-Men series or soft special agent team is about to debut "X-Men: Apocalypse" although X series did not achieve good results, but Fawkes does not seem to intend to give up this series. According to foreign media reports, Fawkes in the face of "X" after the X-Men: Apocalypse setbacks will still push "X" X-Men movie series. It is reported that the future "X" X-Men movie will continue from 2011 to restart the "X" X-Men series producer and Simon · Kim Berg in charge. Who directed the four "X" X-Men meritorious service director Blaine · Singer will no longer participate in. At present, Berg is writing a screenplay for a movie "X" X-Men movie. The new story is still in "· magneto" Michael Fassbender, "Professor X; James · Mcavoy and the" mystique "Jennifer · Laurence as the protagonist. But now the three actors with "X" – contract has expired, the future is not filming "X" X-Men series of films has not been determined. Although the "X" X-Men movie development is not clear, but Fawkes apparently "very confident" Deadpool series. Although "Deadpool 2" preparatory phase of twists and turns, but they have already begun preparations for the "3" Deadpool movie. Fawkes expressed the hope that the "new" can lead to Deadpool movie series, which is belonging to the X-Men X extraordinary Commando (X-Force). It is reported that Fuchs plans in the "3" special agent team leads the Deadpool story line. In the "X" X-Men comics, special agent team (X-Force) belonging to the X-Men X. They are different from the positive image of the wolverine, they are good at using some extreme, brutal way to fight against the enemy, in order to protect the lives of mutants. The main members include the wolf, X-23 (clone Wolf), Indian fighters Warpath, highly flight capacity of Archangel and Wolfsbane have the ability to shapeshift. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: