Writing traditional Chinese characters is an illusion of culture is the embodiment of the island phe g-area meru

Write traditional culture is an illusion, is another meaning island phenomenon reflected [Abstract] "looking elsewhere": the "ancient" is not necessarily more "authentic" love "; Taiwanese traditional Chinese characters" is called "traditional Chinese", "Yue is more authentic" psychological the best picture. If "the ancient Yue", then the "traditional Chinese" should be "oracle". Simplified Chinese characters program was officially announced on 1956, and so on for the whole sixty years in January. Living in China, people under the age of sixty, as most simplified general font Chinese Chinese characters in writing, basically do the "shutongwen". But the Chinese community in the Taiwan area, Hongkong area and overseas, far from the simplified Chinese characters "unified" status. Therefore, this is no longer a hot topic in mainland China, in the overseas, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions have also been discussed. This is enough to show that writing is the most conservative ingredient in culture. With millions of people sixty years still can not change the old attachment of 20 to 30 million people. This kind of resistance to the simplified words, some from political hostility, some from the traditional culture of the defense, but also only the continuation of the old habits, of course, there are a lot of mixed emotions are three. And no matter where the resistance comes from, one thing is certain. From the early "gradually to the development of the" irreconcilable opposed to "peaceful coexistence". "Simplified Chinese character program", "knowledge and writing simple"? There is no "literacy" and "writing" distance, therefore, in recent years there is the so-called "knowledge of writing simple". Recently some people put forward "knowledge for the script". Is reading and writing the script, script proposal. This formulation, in my opinion, the so-called "knowledge propagation and write simple" or "straight letter", there is no essential difference. The formulation of the biggest "blind spot", is to ignore the progress of modern science and technology, has made the "holding the pen" for thousands of years "writing" skills, along with the rapid popularization of notebook computer and mobile phone, on the verge of almost "extinction" dilemma. "Writing" (not just writing Chinese characters, English and other languages is included), for the vast majority of people, has been replaced by "typing". Nowadays, "writing Chinese characters" is only a small number of Calligraphers’ artistic activities, rather than the daily skills of communication between people. In other words, the distance between "literacy" and "writing" is almost nonexistent. Any one can use computer to input Chinese characters of people, as long as the "knowledge" Chinese characters — from homonyms, choose to Chinese characters — can "play" the word, then complete the so-called "writing" task. In this case, the "book" is not "yes". What is "more, Kai" points? Because the tool change, so that the original writing skills into finger and keyboard. In the subway, seen in the transport means flying for primary and middle school students, we must understand that they are "writing". Although this "write" is not "pen to write", but as "write" is a. For them, where what regular script, running script and cursive script do not! If the above analysis is not correct, "putting pen to forget the word" people are sure to grow with each passing day, but as soon as you open the computer, mobile phone, forget the words, but:相关的主题文章: