Wow, a call out, Wei Fan hit the world, the four surprise moments secret-super bass

Wow a cry of "Wei Fan world" four moments of revelation Wei Fan world area’s successful Olympic bid, the National People’s "wow" sound called out; received the admission notice, the college entrance examination buddies "wow a cry;…… There are always some time, will let you "wow" call out, sigh in this world there is such a surprise. There are always times that will make you sigh, my god! So magical! So buddy network "Wei Fan hit the world", which will let us "wow" call out? Then let us together secret Wei Fan hit the world, the four big surprise moments! Wow a cry out! "Wei Fan world" four moments of the last moment Indiana family secret: my God, so much treasure? We once thought to play BOSS only two outcomes: victory after each took the system issued a package, after the failure did not get what. But "Wei Fan world" family Indiana last moment, but let BOSS become a game player the hearts of the most unexpected moments, because this moment will suddenly filled with full screen box, each box is hidden among the countless rare props. "Wei Fan" to make the world four big surprise moment secret "Wei Fan world" hit four big surprise moment dominate the whole service for the first time: the secret of god! Warehouse so many orange loaded ah? A recent update, "Wei Fan world" launched a "unified full-service" gameplay. The play not only by strong killing atmosphere, stimulate the game player infinite blood, also let numerous on-line in the updated game player, see family warehouse a moment of "wow" a cry, my God, so many orange loaded warehouse! The more players are in the wow the next second, joined the family to save the family contribution to the army equipment! "Wei Fan hit the world," the four great moments of surprise clues synthesis that moment: what? You create the emperor? Originally thought, "the game is also like that, what the disciples ranked first must use real money to buy, if not seconds seconds to recharge 5 digits, don’t want to get…… Who would have thought, a hand cheap, even through the disciple clues to synthesize a Qin shi…… Oh my God, this is not a game BUG, right? The results of the second day, he found a guiguzi…… At that moment, I can only say "wow"! "Wei Fan world" four moments of inter service trade secret unexpected moment: 2 turn orange 50 gold jewelry…… Buy whatever you want! "Wei Fan hit the world" in the official opening of the cross service trading center recently broke the restriction of the game area of the game, allowing players to buy and sell services. This brings to the game player who set the maximum surprise than Jianlou, especially when we saw the 2 super rare orange turn was only 50 gold jewelry at the moment…… Mind only buy buy buy! No matter what I do not have to use this, even if the two traffickers, I can earn a lot of money ah! "Wei Fan hit the world," the four big surprise moment buddy network "Wei Fan hit the world," the big surprise of the moment, to ensure that you let the "wow" call out of the four! More exciting content, respect.相关的主题文章: