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Worried about the 6 year old summer love? Huang Jiaqian: want to see how the boys chasing summer mother: want to see the boys how to chase her Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Huang Jiaqian and her husband have mixed daughter summer summer ice (Poppy), a family of 3 in the where Dad "debut parenting programs", popular, the couple shows a unique "Princess nurturance" parenting. Now the summer primary school the first grade, asked her boyfriend afraid of love? Phoebe Huang smiled and said "this is a good thing, really want to see how the boys chasing her." Huang Jiaqian busy musical rehearsal, also focus on parenting, now the daughter summer primary school the first grade, after the morning after the lesson, the afternoon is mother and daughter time together, the summer school will share the fun, asked will not worry about being beautiful daughter? Huang Jiaqian said with a smile, "this is a good thing, to see how the boys chasing her." She said, "if the daughter of a lot of people chase, not against, will not reject her earlier love," key to teach her how to protect themselves, how to have the wisdom to judge, because can not stop people impossible to guard against." Now all the summer without rest, Huang Jiaqian said, for these invite top priority "will not affect the summer school", like the shooting time is not fixed, there is unlikely, activities of selected public welfare activities, advertising will choose the product, to really suitable for small children will be considered. Huang Jiaqian, 26, together with the show, shooting musical love, my mother, according to publicity, when it will play and sing, so that thousands of people to hear her voice, saying, there is a kind of feeling". In order to perform, Huang Jiaqian began to run, training vital capacity. Ceng Guocheng ever to host image, this will also be a lot of people on the concert, he song super expectations, director Liang Zhimin has confidence in his voice, that he is the original is the first candidate, Ceng Guocheng also received the invitation without hesitation agreed, laughed and said "probably about 50 seconds!" ETToday (the commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: