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Business Working at home has so many benefits. It doesn’t matter if you have a home business or an employer, are doing Internet marketing or child care, are trying to make money online or fielding customer service calls. Working at home makes you happy, makes you money, saves you money, keeps you gainfully employed, gives you more time wit your loved ones, gets you out of rush hour traffic, decreases your stress level, and makes you more productive which can lead to all sorts of benefits raises, promotion, a successful home business and so forth. Not only will you save on gas and car insurance and general auto upkeep (or public transportation costs) when you don’t have to .mute to the office, but you won’t have to worry about your work wardrobe and the cost of dry cleaning, either. You won’t have to pay parking fees, and you may save money on child care. You’ll also realize a reduction in the cost of your auto insurance. Imagine telling your insurance agent that your .mute miles are now zero. While most of these benefits are obvious, the last needs some clarification. The single biggest demographic working at home is the single mother. . Consider that statistic with caution, however. For what you cannot do is assume that working at home will allow you to watch your children while you work from home. It just doesn’t work that way, nor should it. After all, how many toddlers do you know that are happy, or even safe, with their primary caregiver giving them half their attention? Not any. And how many employers would accept your giving half your attention to your work during your work hours? Not any. And how much of your Internet marketing are you really going to get done with a toddler screaming in your ear? Where telework and parenting .e together so nicely is the idea that your .mute to and from work is cut from 20 or 40 or 60 minutes each way to one minute or even as few as 10 seconds. Your children will have more hours of your attention each day as a result of telework. And you’ll pay fewer child care hours. You may often, depending on your job and your employer, be able to work around your children’s hours, focusing on your job when they’re sleeping or napping and at school, focusing on your kids when they’re home and awake. If you’re making money online, or working at promoting a Web site these are ideal for working around a child’s school and nap and needs-mommy schedule. Yes, working at home can be terrific. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: