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With immigration tumbled in the United States on election day: half – American Sohu press in the United States on the evening of 8 local time around 11, nearly 200 thousand people into the Canadian immigration website, the website was paralyzed. At the same time, the United States issuing election showed Trump ahead of Hilary, and gradually expand the advantage. It was widely believed that the American people led to the incident. According to the Huffington Post reported 9, the Canadian government Immigration Department spokesman (Sonia Lesage) confirmed that nearly half of the day IP from the United States, is more than 5 times the normal amount of visits. 8, Canada "collapse in the evening of November 8th, the U.S. presidential election ballot showing Trump leading, the moment there are a large number of Americans log Immigration Canada website, causing the site to crash. Canadian television station CTV reported that the night of 11, the official website of the Australian Department of immigration into a crash, there is still no recovery after two hours. Even after the announcement of the victory of Trump, still can not open the page until the morning of 9 to return to normal. Lesage, a spokesman for the Immigration Department said that the U.S. presidential election around 11 o’clock in the evening, there are at the same time visit the site of the Immigration Department of 200 thousand, half of which IP from the United states. This figure does not include those who can not log on to the site. Hot charging laza said it was the site of the 17 thousand user traffic flow, significantly higher than the same period last week, jumped 10 times; and from the United States IP address, usually only 8.8% of the total to 11.6%, 8 to increase the proportion of the usual 5 times. It is reported that the number of Internet users in the United States to visit the website of the Department of immigration from the United States at the start of the election is steadily rising, in March this year, up to 1 million 700 thousand of the total number of hits high, last month also has 1 million 60 thousand hits, 21% higher than 880 thousand times the same period last year. The number of searches for one-way flights to Canada surged while, according to the CheapFlight, the number of searches for one-way flights to Canada surged. Google, go to Canada, the amount of search, as well as the keyword "immigration" search volume also rose straight. The daily mail data provided by the American people in a few hours straight to search the word "emigrate", "moving to Canada" rise in Google search volume 9, the Canadian government has also issued a "timely" tweet said, "in Canada, we encourage all immigrants brought their own culture the traditional, and share to Canadian citizens". The Canadian government twitter, however, according to the Taiwan Times reported news cloud 13, Canada is not easy, Canada adopted a set of complex computing systems, evaluate the applicant to immigration. According to the Canadian survey company (Mainstreet Research) 8 announced the poll, there are 72% of Canadians do not agree to relax immigration rules for americans. Mainstreet company president Madge (Quito Maggi) said that the process of applying for Canada complex, cumbersome, the only exception is the "refugees", such as the previous Syria refugee crisis, Canada相关的主题文章: