Wisdom Ruzhou debut Tencent Partner Conference was awarded e governance leap award tamiflu

The wisdom of Ruzhou Tencent Partner Conference debut won the "e governance leap Award" on September 22-23, 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference held in Fujian Fuzhou, Ruzhou City People’s Government awarded the 2016 Chinese "e governance leap Award", has become a major highlight of the conference. The wisdom of Ruzhou is the Tencent Inc in the country to build the first "Internet plus" Province Governing County, Ruzhou Municipal People’s government and the Tencent Inc continue to explore and promote the "Internet plus government service", "the masses" errands "run away," enterprise information "looking" as the "Department coordination office", become a smart city construction process the backbone of this award is well deserved. Ruzhou City People’s Government awarded the "e governance leap Award" as one of the vane once a year of the Internet industry, Tencent’s global partner conference is known for its insight and dry cargo Internet industry, with the Tencent’s opening strategy has gone through five session. This year the general assembly from the technology to the ecological strategy to the development process of Tencent, a comprehensive display of the latest and the future direction of cloud computing, VR, location services and other elements of science and technology brings to social governance changes, "Internet plus government service achievements, and how to accelerate the government services matters electronic and networking in the network society next, to promote the construction of smart city etc.. At the meeting, the Ruzhou Municipal People’s Government awarded the "e governance leap Award", E on behalf of the Internet, in the "Internet + era", the Ruzhou Municipal People’s government actively embrace the Internet, focus on the development of smart city, to promote the transformation of government functions. The first half of this year, the Ruzhou Municipal People’s government and the Tencent Inc to build the "Ruzhou city public China wisdom WeChat platform a successful on-line, currently developing 12 categories of 23 livelihood services has been completed, a collection of 48 Bureau Committee, 20 towns and the street, covers the test query, query, bus provident fund query, anti fraud report, real estate query, Ruzhou weather, air quality and other content, greatly facilitate the lives of ordinary people, and has attracted much attention and recognition of the community. The construction of the wisdom of Ruzhou not only optimize the government service process, but also open up data barriers to promote the various departments, all levels, interoperability of various business systems. At present, there are 200 thousand people in Ruzhou through the "Chinese smart city of Ruzhou WeChat public platform" to enjoy the "Internet plus government service system, convenient service is gradually to benefit all the people of Ruzhou. Tencent big data survey, the wisdom of the people of Ruzhou to build the satisfaction of the people’s Government of Ruzhou increased by 4.2%. Ruzhou hand in hand to comprehensively deepen the wisdom of urban construction in November 18, 2015, the Ruzhou Municipal People’s government signed a contract with Tencent Inc to jointly build wisdom Ruzhou. Among them, "the wisdom of the city of Ruzhou Chinese WeChat public platform" is a set of Ruzhou city government image display, publishing, public services, porcelain display and other functions as one of the smart city management service platform, is the further exploration of "Internet plus government service". Through the "Chinese smart city of Ruzhou WeChat public platform", Ruzhou citizens can enjoy the wisdom of Ruzhou convenience and peace of mind, intelligent service, and make the information more run away, so that fewer people to run errands, make government services more transparent,.相关的主题文章: