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Wireless headset has not yet thought about how to buy good lost! Original title: love dearly! 10, you will get a very expensive AirPods lost ") lead: Apple released a wireless headset AirPods! A player can wear ear, a removal will be suspended, is not cool! But this is very easy to lose the wireless headset, netizens have been out of brain to make jokes. (source: Lei Feng network Author: Ya Meng) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! However, cool things will be a bit expensive, the line version of AirPods a set of 1288 yuan, regardless of the sale! (the point of concern is also a little bit of a plug) and the wireless two separate small earplugs, the biggest danger is: it is easy to lose. Whether a sell ah, lost one has to buy two ah, brain up netizens on the Internet to buy AirPods scene: AirPods recently lost an ear, a friend who lost his left ear, bought a pair of? Now, let us that your AirPods will be lost in what scene: 1 do not get off the ground, and then can not find (or accidentally put it crushed 2) ass accidentally sat on a 3, and crushed by your dog eat 4 to listen to Wang Feng he was too excited, head and body sway, when a headset flew out 5 run out when you shake 6 tilted his head wearing second headset, another without a steady fall into the sewer seam in the 7 cards on the sofa seam in 8 dishes fell to the full bubble cleanser essence sink 9 to bear hug children, baby trying to catch a headset for you, and then snapped away (before the love is grasping glasses…) 10 exploded with Note 7…. In short, wait for the AirPods lost piece, should be very happy. Save相关的主题文章: