Windows and doors enterprises, electric shock Internet is the key to change the thinking

The doors and windows enterprise "electric shock net" is the key to change the thinking?? the age of the Internet, every industry are in a change of air, and know how to use the Internet thinking to look at the self enterprise, tend to find more opportunities and space. At present, a lot of home building materials enterprises have turned from traditional sales of electricity supplier sales, doors and windows enterprises, of course, can not lag behind. However, the traditional business is not easy to do electricity supplier, in addition to borrowing a powerful Internet platform, but also need to change the Internet thinking. ?? The mobile Internet spawned windows and doors industry transformation?? at present, the mobile terminal has become the first big entrance China Internet, along with the popularity of the terminal, tariff decline, infrastructure and service improvement, Chinese will usher in the next round of growth of mobile Internet users. And through the integration of mobile Internet in the bathroom industry, penetration, can give birth to industrial restructuring, a new opportunity to upgrade the bathroom industry. ?? The traditional doors and windows enterprise, "the greatest significance Internet plus" is connected, the connection is established through mobile Internet technology, enterprises and users, and partners in the space between the gap and time gap completely broken, forming a geographical boundary, the time span of the communication system, thus to avoid the loss making enterprises in the traditional business model for space and time differences arising from, improve the management efficiency of enterprises, reduce their operating costs. ?? Change the Internet thinking?? as early as two years ago, it has been a lot of doors and windows enterprises have vigorous development trend of the Internet, and made many attempts, the intention to "Recast brilliant electricity supplier through the internet". However, the effect is not satisfactory, after huge manpower and material resources and many enterprises have miscues, thus playing drums, from "every person will talk about network" into "the breach not said net". Two years ago, B2C B2B from the Internet era technology constraints on all the electricity market is not mature and the objective conditions, doors and windows enterprise in the electronic commerce thinking can not timely change to adapt to the characteristics of the Internet era, is also the main reason for the failure of enterprises. In the first two years, many windows and doors enterprises in the electricity supplier business, only the Internet as a sales platform, in the operation of the traditional sales terminals continue to use the train of thought. In many people’s view, the electricity supplier is only a platform, a tool, and businesses have to do is to place the place to sell something. Therefore, these doors and windows enterprise business platform is bound with the original line entities sales terminals have conflicts caused by these dealers rebound, eventually ended in gloom. ?? The ultimate use of the potential of the Internet?? the vigorous development of electronic commerce in recent years, there are many problems and defects, so Internet technology has been developing continuously, these defects and fill the blank one. Now, the use of mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing technology, now the network platform has become the virtual exhibition hall, the traditional sales terminal unified warehouse and cashier, to solve the traditional electricity supplier and real sales terminals for profit, but also improve the efficiency of enterprise storage, material flow and capital flow. But if the doors and windows enterprise only do these, still can not be called "Internet plus", because the enterprise at this time.相关的主题文章: