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Marketing One of the balancing acts in running a successful business is to simultaneously maintain your current customers and to reach out to new prospective customers. Making a big effort to keep in touch with your customers sends the message that you not only value their business but also understand they are a part of your success. Often times the offer to the new customer sends the wrong message to the current customers. Promotional strategies have various objectives and implementations. Building a list, for instance, aims for more than just having information about your customers. When customers sign up for your list, it means they expect to get more information and free valuable tips etc. from you. The main reasons you should build a list are summed up by the following: Building a list lets you keep track of your customers as your business grows. Once you have started your list, you can send them personal messages through email; which will make them feel more appreciated. Customers love the personal connection. Often customers will offer unsolicited feedback for areas you need to improve. Unlike blog posts, emails are more proactive means of keeping in touch with your clients. On your blog, the most they can do is to leave .ments that might be too limited for them to acquire what they need from you. On the other hand, emails would enable them to ask you questions directly and give you their feedback. In addition, you could also talk to them in a more direct manner as you respond to their queries. It would be as if you are attending to them in person and not virtually, thus strengthening your connection to each other. Blog posts might not be easily noticed by your customers, while emails go directly in their inboxes and make information readily available for them. Aside from this, customers might not be able to visit your blog often, but you can be assured that they would be able to check their email regularly. Once they see that new message you send them through email, you could easily get their attention and ensure that they would get the information that you want them to see. Making your customers feel more special than the random visitors of your business blog or site can help you earn their trust. It shows you are more organized and have the ability to identify them as an important customer. You will also be able to build your credibility through email, as its contents will not be as limited as they are on your blogs. By building a list, you are achieving three main goals of marketing to improve your sales. First, you get the chance to attend to your clients needs; second, you can give them better information about your business; and third, you get to keep in touch with everyone giving you the opportunity to keep your clients interested and satisfied. This relationship if nurtured properly can solidify a long term relationship that benefits both involved. Continuously connecting with your current and future customers is an excellent way to maintain and build relationships- possibly even more than extra discounts or first time discounts. In addition, the consistency you show through continual .munication proves your business is here to stay and support them into the future. Its easy to get started with some of the automated email auto-responder systems on the market so dont waste another minute. About the Author: Selling something can be a stressful process for both sides of the equation. In short, the usual way of trying to pull off a sale is an inherently flawed process, but it doesnt have to … 相关的主题文章: