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Who is "bite" embarrassing maternal obstetrics male doctor and stick to the Sohu of maternal health baby when too much pain, gave a bite in the delivery of Obstetrics and Gynecology male doctor on the leg, the doctor did not immediately flow, pain to work, until the 8 pound baby born. Do you think Xiao Bian is telling jokes? No This is a true story! Maternal baby too pain field force bite thigh doctor August 19th at 3 pm, 23 year old Lee was found full dilatation, enter the obstetric delivery room to be produced. There are two midwives and midwifery male medical delivery bed, ginger ginger?? standing on the bed, while appease the maternal emotion, touched the side of the abdomen to observe the uterine contraction, does not stop to look up at the change of the fetal heart monitor. At this time, Ms. Lee because of pain cry piercing, two hands poking around, suddenly looked up a bite at the bedside of doctors on the left thigh ginger?. In accordance with the ginger? The doctor later recalled, at the time of this sudden bite, bite his terrible pain, but he swallowed hard, be absorbed in the parturient, mouth whispered breath…… Inspiratory……" 10 minutes later, a 8 pound baby boy born healthy. After birth, ginger? Just hurried to the hospital dressing room to check the wound, found a big tooth marks on the pants rolled up his pants, saw the left leg from the knee at 15 cm, with a diameter of 1.5 cm hemomediastinum, bleeding. He hastened to use iodineWineDisinfection, wrapped in gauze and then returned to the delivery room. In the face of the maternal family, his first words were "mother and child", and no mention of the bitten. At noon, a nurse to the maternal family joked: "your daughter-in-law gave birth to a child, this time really is the primitive force, the doctor got fucked up". Maternal and family members learned that the production process of an episode, and the basic return to normal after Ms. Lee deeply guilty, decided to write a letter of thanks. The ginger? The doctor about this, "said indifferent to understand production pain, health care delivery is playing catch bite is also common". Map: maternal a photo of ginger and ginger? Doctor? Doctor’s calm response, let this ironic delivery room episode, both doctors and patients become precious memories. Dubbed the "Friends of women" obstetrics male doctors, saving lives, life, their dedication and perseverance are respected, patients from the initial refusal to now without you". Obstetrics male doctor confided: come to us in 2015, had a China hospital obstetrics male doctor posted on the Internet, to reveal their work wronged and sad, urging everyone to never take a look at tainted glasses obstetrics male doctor. The following excerpt: net posts in our hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology 7 doctors, only 1 men I, 5 years in the business, no less by eyes. Just remember the first time to the hospital when the "midwife", a 28 year old woman after pain not, say to want to look for a few times, I just patrol class, well intentioned let her take off pants in check, check to a half, maternal kicked me, to his face to a scolding, at that time young, his face turned red. The Department where a male worker said a male doctor, male nursing.相关的主题文章: