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Which shirt to wear? Kobe said with a smile: may cast a coin – Beijing just spent 38 birthday before the Lakers star Kobe Bryant? At 24 local time in Losangeles city hall, in the first "Kobe? Bryant day". Choose this day as a memorial day, because he has been through the Lakers 8 and No. 24 jersey. Kobe said with a smile, may be through the coin to decide which number of wearing jersey. Small jokes that women do not know the great father on the day before, Kobe had just spent 38 birthday yesterday, the fans singing the birthday song, Kobe also delivered a passionate speech, "one day be named after you, this is unbelievable. After the ceremony, I want my place to extend beyond the field of basketball. I hope August 24th is a day of celebration of passion, hard work, dedication and guidance. Because it’s important to teach the next generation how to be great. It is most important to inspire the next generation to realize their dreams." "20 years have been a childhood dream of playing my entire career team, wearing the purple and gold for me is a great honor." Kobe said, shortly after his three daughter was to be born, when her two sisters Natalie and Gina to help explain why this day is named after his father’s name, "she (three daughters) will not know that I was a good basketball player." Kobe joked. Retired Jersey coin set number in order to thank Kobe for 20 years to pay, Losangeles city on August 24th as "Kobe Bryant?", the two number represents his occupation career through only two No. 8 and No. 24. Kobe wore the number 8 shirt got three consecutive single game and scored 81 points; he wore the number 24 named MVP, to get two in a row. Which number represents his legend, Kobe also said that these two numbers represent the different stages of his career, are very meaningful. "8 times I was like a horse race, only one goal in mind, desperately forward." He said, "wait until the 24 period, my vision becomes wider, more mature thinking." Although the Lakers have not yet determined what Kobe retired Jersey, but it seems very confident that these two jerseys will not appear in the field of the game on the. "No matter which number the Lakers have chosen, I’m afraid no one dares to wear it." He said with a smile, "I’ll toss a coin." Beijing morning news reporter Kang Xuesong相关的主题文章: