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Middle school students fall into the ice on the ice near the police rescue (Figure) – creeping Beijing northeast network November 15th news (reporter Lei Lei) November 13th, Qigihar City Labor Lake snow on a 14 year old high school students in fall bingku. The critical moment, the way China Public Security Bureau patrol police after receiving the alarm, to start the race with death, eventually rescued drowning students. Patrol with a rope to pull out the drowning child photos provided by the police. 13 at 13:20, a large Blizzard swept through Qigihar, outdoor personnel scarce, 100 meters away everything into the hazy. The 14 year old high school student Maomao back schoolbag hurried of (a pseudonym) cut to go home, go alone to labor on the ice lake. When walking to the west of Hongqiao under the center of the lake, yet fragile ice freeze solid suddenly collapsed, instantly fell into the freezing waters Maomao, instinctive response to stress, Maomao hands caught near the ice breaking stubble and shout for help. "Well, some people fell into the ice!" Walking in the lake after the old man found Yu Haixiang danger, one side of the road to the sparse pedestrian shouting for help, a public security organs for police help. China Public Security Bureau police brigade Deputy captain Fu Jun, Wang Wanyu, Lan Jianmin, the police are patrolling the high Satellite Road, auxiliary Deng Chengpeng, Wu Xingguo, Qin, Wang Xu? Received a PUC 110 command center rushed to the scene. At this time, the body has been soaked in the drizzle of cold water, hands lying ice is only exposed on the head, ups and downs, only a faint cry for help. The ice occasionally bursts of cracking sound, the police carried the rescue rope Yibubuxiang drowning Maomao near, when the distance was 8 meters and fell into the water, the ice has been floating live weight around police and enthusiastic people, the anti diffuse dip on the ice. In order to prevent a greater danger, other personnel stopped, the police Wang Wanyuyi people leaned forward in the crawling crackers on the ice, the side with the words to appease Maomao, side will rescue rope thrown to the baby hand. Maomao finally caught the rescue rope, safety of the police force will be pulled up on the ice. At this time, Maomao has frozen pale, his legs can not walk properly. Wang Wanyu immediately took off his coat draped over his body, and the auxiliary Wu Xingguo together on the back of the police car, quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment, and made contact with his parents. 20 minutes later, Mao’s mother rushed to the hospital, thanks to the police and kind-hearted people saved the child’s life.相关的主题文章: