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When season stereo transparent small color makeup for makeup also "for a long time an invigorating autumn climate" autumn has passed, means that the hot summer will soon be over, weave that mud must be very adorable hi smoked, after all, can finally do not worry about spending and high probability of sweat makeup makeup off. Don’t know the mud adorable fall makeup ready? If you are not prepared, now together with small on early autumn makeup flight, 4 points get good stereo transparent makeup invigorating autumn! The small Yan Zhuangri department whether makeup or makeup makeup is very delicate, especially under the effect of seemingly nude make-up skin crystal with luster, and showing a high transparent state, it is cute, to make skin like water as clear, Japanese makeup implies a lot of "careful", so it looks more stylish and high transparency. Yamada Naomi, Morisu Rika, Xiao Yan makeup Satomi Ishihara are representatives of high transparent makeup ~ small Yan makeup "stereo transparent makeup" as is premise before the high transparent makeup makeup increases stereo feeling, in addition to enhancing the sense of water, more attention is paid to the smile feeling, in high light. Look light, enhance the overall three-dimensional sense makes you smile more charming Kawai ~ small Yan makeup water sense transparent muscle is basic foundation. Other colors with the ornament of enhanced texture makeup, let us to learn a few points ~ the makeup of the   STEP 1  immediately;; a good foundation, to create three-dimensional small color makeup brushwork: with both hands quickly on the forehead and cheekbones parts from inside to outside smear liquid foundation, the triangle place lit. STEP 2  Concealer cover dark and uneven skin color small facial makeup brushwork: below the nose and eyes are easy pigmentation, acne blemishes and other issues, after the nose along the curve painted concealer, finger halo. Traces of acne under the eyes are the same. STEP 3  high light point increase in high light transparency point has to create a favorable luster and elasticity of skin, and enhance the texture of the technique of use. Small color makeup brushwork: high light release locations in the figure, there is a pit between the root and the corner of the eye, nose between the eyes along about 1cm, and the extended angle at the corner, the line, with a brush to sweep the top. Lips M word depression do not ignore Oh ~ STEP 4  bring out the focus of transparency is warm color stereoscopic makeup, can give people a better first impression. Therefore, in the eyes of some added red, can make makeup sweetener. This can make people feel the skin as soft as a baby. Small Yan makeup painting: in the upper part of the second half of the painting on the eyelids, rather than painting a whole eye liner, which can increase the sense of floating eyes and sweet.相关的主题文章: