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What was the difference between Soviet guerrilla warfare and China in the second world war? There is a point of view that the German invasion of the Soviet Union was welcomed by the local people, if the German occupation authorities take Huairou means, will be able to win the support and cooperation of the people of the Soviet union. The beginning of the war of the Soviet partisans, can be seen from the camera recently is an older guerrilla war Author: Zhao Guoxing Sood as an important part of the Second World War in Europe, has been talked about by experts and scholars and the vast majority of history lovers. In the last four years of the war, Sood invested a total of nearly two million troops, in the vast region from Moscow to duel to the death of Berlin, which is unprecedented in human history wars. Today, most people know about this war, are still in front of the battlefield surge high and sweep forward. In fact, in the vast forest and swamp land in Russia, there is also a group of soldiers, their strong resistance in the harsh natural environment and brutal siege burning, uninterrupted fighting for three years, which hide in the dust of history legend also splendid history. Open the rear battlefield the Russians launched a guerrilla war history is long, early in the war of 1812, the Russian army guerrillas were struggling to cope with Napoleon. After June 22, 1941, the German army invaded, sparks of fire of guerrilla warfare almost immediately in the vast land of Russia renewed. As early as the end of June 1941, is still in the rapid process of the German will continue to report, the rear of the traffic line, field hospitals and security forces have been frequent small share candi attacks, this is the prototype of the Soviet partisans, but the guerrillas were scattered and most of the regular army officers and soldiers of the temporary assembly. The guerrilla warfare is completely spontaneous, their main intention is to re assemble in the German rear, from German raids, look for an opportunity to re break back to front. After the outbreak of the war, the Soviet government was also quickly began to organize guerrilla warfare, the Soviet Union’s rapid start of the national machine. In July 3rd, Stalin called on the masses to carry out guerrilla warfare in the enemy occupied area. In July 28th, the people’s Committee of the interior and the party and the League of the Soviet Union began calling on Party members to join the guerrillas. At the beginning of the war, the Soviet partisans mainly by the Ministry of interior organization, the local government of Soviet fighter battalion spontaneously organized guerrilla and broken up the Red Army soldiers. The destroyer battalion is by the local Communist Party members, workers, army reservists and volunteers of the irregulars. In the rear there are a large number of Party organizations at all levels to form the guerrillas, its members are mostly elderly civilians, often in the area of the party organization at the core, composed of loose guerrillas. The guerrilla scale is about 50 to about 80, and the leader is usually the leader of the local party, the leader of the border guards and the collective enterprise. The Soviet army in the general political department director May Hollis lead, also organized a Battalion Detachment and failure to carry out guerrilla actions, such forces tend to a group of 3-10 deep behind enemy lines cut the telephone lines and destruction of ammunition and fuel depots, blasting the railway, to attack the Germans single or scattered vehicles. In addition, the house people’s Committee was established相关的主题文章: