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Spirituality As per the astrology horoscope, all the people whose date of birth falls in between 20th April to 20 May are Taurus. It is important to note that no one is perfect in this world same as with Taurus people also. Like other zodiac signs Taurus also have strength and weakness. The main strength of Taurus people are Dependable, Loyal, Persistent, patient and generous. And weaknesses are Stubborn, Laziness, Possessive, Materialistic and self indulging. According to the astrology horoscope Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus zodiac sign. Venus represents relatedness, love, social urges, values, art and beauty, attraction, luck, personal magnetism, creation etc. if we notice about their physical traits then they have generally dark hair, robust, super health, impressive and preserving. So, green color suits Taurus people a lot. Lets talk about Positive strength, ability to take decision quickly and strong headed. Taurus independency: Taurus people do not like interference. They feel perfect on being alone and they like to do things in their own way. It is noteworthy that Taurus is not the follower neither brave one but they are completely independent. Taurus Nature and love: Generally Taurus people are sensitive in nature. They take personally even a small negative comment or remark. But most importantly, Taurus people are faithful. They are generous to their love and partner. Friendship with Taurus: As per the astrology horoscope , Taurus people are very loyal about friendship but they do friendship with few people. They always true, protected and guarded with their few selected friends. They treated their friends as family. Most importantly they may be shy in between the strangers but if they throw a party they will present whole the thong lavishly. They love to be the hostess or host. Taurus luck towards business: Taurus can establish a big business as they have the character of good business person. Due to their immense perseverance they do not like to give up rather rages on. Taurus people have the ability to manipulate the money. Due to this character, they always invest carefully. It is true that Taurus needs all the things should be present lavishly but it does not mean that they are of spending habits. As per the Taurus horoscope , Taurus born people are possessions and practicality. They have great endurance, inner power, and good mental and physical strength. Taurus people are tending to be very dedicated, practical and patient. Taurus people are very cautious in terms of dealing with others money and life. Taurus born people have great creative ability and strong will-power so they have may be excellent director, manage business excellently, and can make career in agriculture, pleasure resorts, music, actors, film producers, Income tax, cinema, transport, garment dealers and many more. They always carry thing with full dedication. Taurus health: Taurus born people generally suffer from neck diseases, goiter, apoplexy, tonsillitis, glandular problems and diphtheria. So, Taurus born people need to take care of their health properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: