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What kind of community is more suitable for older people to live? – Reading – People’s original title: what kind of community is more suitable for the elderly to live? "Aging livable community design" (US) Scott? Bauer editor Zhang Jingjing, Wang Qian et al. Huazhong University of Science and Technology press November 2016 Zheng Yuchuan after World War II, the United States and other countries ushered in a wave of construction of city and suburban residents, housing conditions have been greatly improved. But in 1960s, researchers have realized that both the United States and other countries of the city development plan introduced, these countries or communities, self built housing reflects the characteristics of folk, with children or family as the center, city and municipal departments supporting service facilities are mainly services for children and young families. At that time, policymakers and the public did not pay attention to the needs of the elderly, the United States and other countries will eventually enter the aging society. In the late twentieth Century, in addition to the aging society has entered Japan, the United States and other industrial countries and developing countries, are facing severe challenges of population aging. The aging of the population has brought many challenges to the society, the most prominent is the problem of living and transportation. The aging community livable, should first meet the needs of the elderly walking distance, the residence distance medical service facilities, shops and other commercial facilities in the stock of less than 805 meters distance (5-10 minutes). Since the end of the twentieth Century, some city in the United States began to explore through the adjustment of city and community planning, construction is more suitable for elderly people living in community, increasing age community public service facilities and commercial facilities, the accumulation of relevant experience. We now see the "aging" livable community design, by the famous American elderly community design expert Scott? Bauer editor, introduces the relevant initiatives of the U.S. part of the city municipal authorities, city planners, elderly housing developers, including new policies and new initiatives adjust the allocation of medical resources and living environment. In order to meet the best community medical conditions, the elderly to walk from home to the medical institutions to be limited to 5-10 minutes, for which the systematic adjustment of urban land policy, improve the layout of the road network. This book also reviews the history of the United States in recent years, the construction and transformation of the old residential housing, analysis of the functions of the old residential should be matched, and finally introduced the New York, Boston and other places of residential design case. The author especially emphasized to introduce the ecological perspective, is committed to continuously improve the city environment construction, the introduction of health and scenario planning framework, for example, through on-site checks, monitoring the way to compensate for the relatively small environment, including the sidewalk less ramps, inadequate lighting, street building safety, road traffic facilities mainly in the car not conducive to pedestrians, etc.. (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: