What can be done in Harbin sorpack

What can be done in Harbin, the network about China’s car ownership TOP10 which can be done in Harbin, the network about the most common SUV wheelbase is too short! Such as Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V, Ford maverick, Harvard H6,. Buy a TOYOTA Highlander, Harvard H7 what. Network about the implementation of the total amount of vehicle development regulation, according to the market supply and demand changes in the implementation of dynamic adjustment, transportation authorities will be submitted with the relevant departments of the annual net about car development plan, the municipal government approved the launch. About the price of the car market regulation price, if necessary, the implementation of government guidance price. The vehicle owner or the network about the car platform company shall hold transportation authorities issued the "network booking taxi vehicle examination certificate", the traffic police department to apply for registration of change of vehicle use for taxi booking. Network about car mileage reached 600 thousand km forced retirement. Mileage of 600 thousand km, but the service life of up to 8 years, about the exit of the car business. What kind of people can open nets about cars? In the net about car service driver shall meet the following conditions: no traffic accident crime of dangerous driving record, no criminal record, no drug use, no drunk driving record, driving license for the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle has no record of 12 points in the record;相关的主题文章: