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What are the effects of network security laws on individuals and businesses? – ( );       "People’s Republic of China network security law" (hereinafter referred to as the network security law) recently passed by the National People’s Congress, will be formally implemented from next year. The concern of the introduction of the basic law of network security, will be related to individuals, businesses and other related subjects what impact?             personal:     protection of personal information more clearly         according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center "thirty-eighth Chinese Internet development statistics report", as of the end of June 2016, Chinese netizens reached 710 million, Internet penetration rate up to 51.7%, of which mobile phone users reached 656 million, network security issues can not be let down.         network security law has clear provisions on the protection of personal information, such as network operators shall not disclose, tampering, damage to the collection of personal information "and" any individual or organization may be stolen or otherwise illegally obtain personal information, not illegally sold or illegally providing personal information to others etc..         Zuo Xiaodong, vice president China Information Security Research Institute pointed out that the protection of personal information is an important aspect of the current network work, although the relevant departments have some policies and regulations, but overall scattered, not systematic, is in need of such a law.         deputy director of Chinese Internet association "Internet +" research and consulting center Li Yi said that the future of online chats, e-mail exchanges, etc., can be used as evidence of retained evidence, network security issues and disputes easier to trace. This greatly enhance the confidence of consumers on the Internet consumer life. He made an example, if the individual users in the mobile phone to download and use a APP to cause the leakage of personal information, the past can not complaint application providers to provide services, but to provide a clear legal basis for network security law, "which means that after the case relates to the field of Internet can better play."         on the other hand, the proposed network security law "network operators for users to apply for network access, domain name registration services for fixed and mobile telephony network procedures, or to provide users with information, instant messaging and other services, should require the user to provide real identity information and so forth, in the form of law" network real name system". This is now to curb Internet rumors spread and network violence wanton chaos, provides the foundation of law.         Zuo Xiaodong think, from the fight against crime, safeguard national security and other point of view, the proposed network real name system than the previous phone real name system is more extensive, and its front desk anonymous,.相关的主题文章: