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"Westward journey 3" plot slightly shocking Tang Yan Han Geng’s remarkable – Beijing 1994, director Jeffrey Lau’s "a Chinese Odyssey" and "king of the" Westward Journey wedding this year, he became a classic, with a "westward journey 3" as the "big" series wrap up. The film has been released in September 14th, breaking 200 million at the box office only two days time, which shows the audience’s "big" complex. Yesterday afternoon, the film starring Tang Yan came to Nanjing Xinjiekou Wanda studios, participated in the roadshow activities of LaFang special. Jinling Evening News reporter at the scene and interviewed Tang Yan. Before the feelings are still in the plot but slightly shocking director Jeffrey Lau let it be said, don’t shoot "Westward Journey 4", so this is not the "westward journey 3", the outcome is big big "series. The film continues the "Westward Journey" before the two part of the story, he died in the fork under the princess (Tang Yan ornaments), will be through the moonlight to see in advance the end, in order to avoid the tragedy, she chose to return to the past, trying not to let it fall in love with her (Han Geng). The director gave a more perfect ending, and I finally together (if different from second is used instead of sunset warrior and its sweetheart). In the film than to pay tribute to the classic, such as the monkey king blurted out "I YOU service", "sounded from time to time to the love of his life," Tang Seng said, still nagging zhizunbao Zijin "you like a dog" and so on, even as the "Jingjing" Karen Mok, so when viewing audience is full feelings. But from the point of view of the plot, the film is a bit of thunder. For example, Shawn Huang plays the Jade Emperor, this is an insidious villain, to cover up the wrong "mumbo-jumbo" mistakes, playing tricks at arena would appear out of others, he first assigned to the six ear macaque posing as 500 years after Sun Wukong, after using in the six ear macaque poison wine. The most exaggerated plot, the monk is actually six ear macaque and Qingxia’s sons! The six ear macaque decided after a "forsake heresy and return to the truth, I want to protect my son to go to the west", is very funny, let the audience play the most. Tang Yan was not a "vase" yesterday afternoon, Tang Yan in the movie starring LaFang brand spokesperson to participate in special events, and the audience enthusiastic interaction, also issued a customized version of LaFang cosmetics to the audience. Tang Yan said, Jeffrey Lau started looking for her if she rejected. "After all, this is the classic works, dare not play. Later the director will continue to do ideological work, say 007, spider man and other classics, is made of the role of water actor. He asked me to perform my own character, and not to repeat it." The reporter found that by viewing this, Tang Yan’s performance is indeed remarkable, she played a and not the same as before the less Zixia, Zixia obey fate, cute, and a little rebellious. The audience generally believe that Tang Yan finally got rid of a long time, the title of the vase, acting greatly improved. And one person to play Zhi Zunbao, Sun Wukong, six ears of these three roles of the monkey Han Gengxi相关的主题文章: