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Western media said North Korea’s nuclear weapons sales to increase the risk of data figure: North Korea nuclear test site Fenxi satellite map [according to the original.antiwar website reported in November 3, 2016]2016 year in September 9th, Pyongyang conducted fifth nuclear tests, claimed to have developed a small nuclear warheads can be installed in the rocket. The estimated 25-30 kiloton explosion equivalent – was significantly greater than the previous test. Western media said that with the deterioration of the economic situation in North Korea, the risk of the sale of nuclear weapons technology will significantly increase. Over the years, North Korea has been through the establishment of diplomatic relations network to sell its missiles and components. Because the denuclearization negotiations terminated, the international community to tighten sanctions against the regime, North Korea’s cash flow and resources are exhausted, Pyongyang is very likely in the black market and terrorist groups or organized crime nuclear deal to solve their financial problems. The main way for North Korea’s global expansion is the official and unofficial transfer of nuclear technology. When it is threatened, the economy is in trouble and the political situation is unstable, the proliferation of non-state actors is the best choice. So far, North Korea’s proliferation of weapons of mass destruction seems to have been confined to sovereign states. With tougher sanctions, North Korea is likely to be forced to obtain funds through other channels, selling nuclear technology to the highest bidder may be an attractive option for the Kim Jeong-eun administration. (nuclear information officer Zhao Song, Cai Li)相关的主题文章: