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Wenzhou three bridges were destroyed by the flood has been found most of the future will build reconstruction – Beijing at noon yesterday, a shocking, painful news: three national Wenzhou Taishun bridge, in just 1.5 hours, one after another by flash floods washed away. Taishun is Chinese Bridge Township, the existing ancient bridges 33 seat, 15 seat for the national key cultural relic protection units, destroyed three bridges, Xue Zhaiqiao, Wen Xing, the heavy bridge, in which. In history, the three bridges had been destroyed by the flood of repeated construction, but the last time was at least 80 years of reconstruction, while more than 150 years. Why did they carry a hundred years of wind and rain, but fell in the mountain torrents yesterday? Will they rebuild again in the future? In the field of a few seconds one hundred years of bridges will disappear in the flood Zhong Xiaobo is president of the Wenzhou Institute of cultural corridor. Yesterday morning, he returned to Taishun from Wenzhou city to celebrate the festival, passing the town of Taishun County Xi Si, a sudden rainstorm caused the front road collapse, he was forced to stay. "At about 11 in the afternoon, the rain was getting bigger and bigger, looking out through the window." Zhong Xiaobo said that such a scene, he has never been in memory. "Soon, the flood suddenly rose up, which mixed with wood, household appliances and tools…… Rampage." Looking at the scene, Zhong Xiaobo was very upset. Intuition tells me that the bridge may be an accident." Zhong Xiaobo opened the formation of Taishun bridges protector of the WeChat group, eagerly watching friends group released around the bridge case. Unfortunately, after the news – 11:58, Xue Zhai Qiao was washed away by the flood; 12:20, the heavy bridge was washed away by the flood; 13:30, Wen Xing Bridge was washed away by the flood. Look at the evening news reporter from a village in the video, the weight of the bridge was destroyed, only a few seconds (the video can be watched in the evening news on the official WeChat). "They’re like this, and disappear when we can’t do anything about it." Zhong Xiaobo sad to say, this 3 bridges the less any gap will cause a cultural heritage. – cause disaster: the history of the highest rainfall of man-made artificial river blocking architecture leads to the history of Taishun bridge are destroyed in a flood of experience, but in recent decades, even if the encounter typhoon attacks, bridges destroyed things rarely happen. The last time was in 1990, Taishun only a 3 storey structure of bridges under the bridge was destroyed, riverbank. This time, why the three bridges will by this disaster? Zhong Xiaobo told reporters, almost all Taishun bridges the whole wooden structure, the bridge construction process, do not use a nail, but the use of force between gravity and the wood and wood bridge support together." Such a structure, to their most feared impact before, "once a bridge is broken, the whole bridge will collapse in a minute." According to the Taishun meteorological department, yesterday by the strong typhoon "Meranti" influence, Taishun County yesterday morning from 8 to 1 p.m., 5 hours rainfall Damian相关的主题文章: