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WeChat shake "enthusiastic police woman cheated eighteen thousand" high wages and good benefits, five social insurance and one housing fund to holidays, weekends and holiday gifts "what, some of the benefits of everything, recently Liu get a" envy "work. However, things are not so simple. Pie in the sky, "good job" drop from the clouds unemployed for years at home with children Liu, because of the recent economic tensions, beginning around the trustee to help find a job. One day, her spare time to play silly WeChat, a micro signal to add her as a friend, the other called Hemou, claiming to be in Chongqing City Public Security Bureau to go to work. Chongqing, a Real Estate Company over there we have acquaintances, I have a way to let you go to work, 15 thousand yuan will be able to get." The two chatted not long, Hemou promises to tell liu. 15 thousand yuan can buy a unit staff quota, Hemou, this is a big thing, "thought finally have a decent job, and what benefits are to meet their expectations," Liu Mouyue think more happy, just happy rhythm. Immediately, Liu quickly went to the bank to do a card, deposit 15 thousand yuan to hand. On the "good" to help the Milo, Liu Mouzhen is full of gratitude. In the strange, Liu Liu Mouzheng immersed in "will be covered with confusion and alarm work, their easy money, at any time to the pinnacle of life" in the fantasy, Hemou has too little money to Real Estate Company leading the grounds to Liu to ask for 15 thousand yuan, "Oh ~", already the destitute, previously only. 15 thousand yuan to 15 thousand yuan now put all sorts of things together, but think, can immediately have a copy of your work, Liu could, with Hemou bargaining, finally agreed to pay 3000 yuan turnover. A few days later he again for various reasons for Liu for money, Liu Mouyue think more wrong, this is simply a pit, then to the Jiangbei Shima River police station reported. After receiving the alarm, police immediately launched an investigation, through the analysis on the 20 day in the near ten years of City Construction Bank branch, the suspects were arrested. According to the survey, the suspect Hemou had participated in the public security university self training, but did not enter, then move the fake police "crooked idea, also specially to customize a set of high imitation police uniforms, did not expect the first time the crime was arrested, Milo said: young man, Oliver knows no boundaries repent and be saved. At present, the case is under further investigation. Video is only extended reading, unrelated to this article, a man in Guizhou, a man claiming to be a multi angle police female college students cheated相关的主题文章: