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"We have come to the" special delicacy "Jiang Yiyan feared Joe Chen calm – people.com.cn entertainment channel people.com.cn –" we have come to the "special delicacy" Jiang Yiyan fear Joe Chen calm source: people.com.cn – entertainment channel     09 2016 02 August 2 September, people.com.cn 16:02 Beijing   (Tang Ping) this Friday; 20:20 "we have come to the" came to Yunnan Tengchong, open green journey. In Tengchong, the guests take the driving way, Beihai wetland natural pure let guests relax, interaction of beautiful flowers feast and the fun of the game, so that guests happiness within "idol house", "mystery guest" Song Xiaobao is to bring guests unlimited joy. Grab the color Xu Jiaocheng game first "dark horse grab color game", and the guests on the local people dressed in national costumes dancing together in circles, guests wearing all kinds of beautiful clothes, either Angie Chiu or Jiang Yiyan’s red dress, embroidered green beautiful skirt, or a large group of printing white gauze and Karen Mok, are the picturesque Tengchong rich multicolored decorations, perfect together. The tender and lovely Xu Jiao wearing cos clothing, in the game to an enemy, she looks fine in the game seems to enable "field force", made the game a dark horse ". The guests came to Beihai wetland taste delicious feast, naturally, talk about the topic with flowers. Joe Chen said he had received 999 roses; Yuan Hong said the wedding there is a flower lined Road, very romantic; shifty Sheenah said he is a sunflower, also on the spot to change the "killer" magic, Wang Han teased Sheenah: "during the Olympics, most of you who want to give flowers?" The crowd shouted "Zhang Jike!" Wang Han asked: "if Zhang Jike and Zhang Jie’s concert on the same day at the same time, which would you choose to see?" So trap question, Sheenah will answer? All the stars were food scared scared guests came to the house of idols, visited the unique ancient town houses, the team will usher in the ultimate failure of the game penalty, taste local cuisine". As a punishment, "specialty food" is not just food so simple. As a mysterious guest of this trip to Tengchong, comedian Song Xiaobao grand debut, he said: "the food inside it may be alive, moving, crawling, a lot of claws." Jiang Yiyan could not help but ask: "how to eat ah?" Joe Chen calmly replied: "live to eat in the dead." Accept the punishment of the guests wearing goggles, food also will be announced one by one, Yuan Hong ridicule the color of the dish with Song Xiaobao "the same color". Jiang Yiyan always wanted to peep, first fail due to be discovered by Carina Lau, then finally succeed, but undaunted, what makes a fearless and brave tower in Macao on the two lap run Jiang Yiyan near collapse? By nightfall, the intimate Jiang Yiyan out for good sisters prepare panda pajamas, and Joe Chen, Sheenah and Xi Mengyao together for cute pajamas, open mode, serious, funny, 45 degree view…… Friendship continues to sublimate in fancy pictures. Share to: (commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: