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We are going to give you a ticket to listen to the Castle Peak week about the secret of the transformation of the courtyard – Sohu technology HAY! 16 tickets to be invited to participate in your HAY! Digital cultural carnival. NASA, chief scientist of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming, the popular designer Zhou Ping, Qingshan gold clothing ant chief data scientist, BiliBili chairman…… 50 guests at home and abroad on November 4-5, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, see! Long press the identification of the following two-dimensional code registration: identification of two-dimensional code can get access to welfare tickets! HAY! The 16 super hybrid field one-day ticket giveaway! (the value of 299 yuan, there is optional) your design is "ruined", Zhou Ping said: "I can Castle no regrets". Some time ago, a lot of articles describing the failure of the Chinese style article brush over the circle of friends. This article describes a design after the Japanese architect Mr. Aoyama Shuhei looks comfortable small courtyard, but because of one family living become unrecognizable — careful design of the house was filled with debris. A lot of people feel distressed, that some people even give them a good design will not know how to cherish, but will not change their lives. The "recognition" of the house of the castle designer Zhou Ping, the official identity is a founding partner of B.L.U.E. architectural design firm. He came from Hiroshima, Japan, but lived in Beijing for more than ten years. He really go into the public view is precisely because of the "dream home" program in the transformation of the transformation of an old courtyard, to the old old Beijing traditional residence gives his own unique architectural design aesthetics. If you want to feel his style, you can go to Beijing, Xidan, the original wheat Hill shop, look at the Chinese trade shop, the two stores are designed from the hands of Castle peak. But it is because of the same program "fire" once again, but this time it was because his design was destroyed. What is my attitude towards this matter? In October 24th, the beautiful joint group took June and Castle Peak together, chatted about the aesthetics and design of life, and CEO, who threw the matter in front of him to the Castle Peak, asked him for advice. Unexpectedly, Aoyama Shuhei’s answer is, I have no regrets". June before the founder of mogujie.com is also a designer, and now the United Group is experiencing a beautiful fashion and design business upgrade. That’s why these two people will sit together. If you know something about mogujie.com and beauty, you know what I’m talking about. Of course, in addition to the transformation of the courtyard thing, the two also talked a lot. We sorted out their conversation, there are a lot of thinking, and the city space is worth a visit: "I have no regrets" June: the family lived like that, a lot of things around you, because this thing and you know. My question is, what do you think about this? Is it because of the family’s own attitude towards beauty or life, that they should not enjoy such a design? Or because of your own design overload相关的主题文章: