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Warm heart drama version of the "Westward Journey" fixing the most beautiful fairy Qingxia cited expectations – Sohu entertainment Wenxin opera version of the "Westward Journey" fixing   Sohu; entertainment news recently, produced by the spring and Autumn period film, gold medal director Jeffrey Lau served as general director, screenwriter and producer white Cong, director Zhu Rui bin, Taiwan producer Zhang Qian, soup Chenqi co starred with sow love fantasy comedy "Westward Journey of love you ten thousand years" the film crew is nearing completion, in the heart warming scenes portrayed a fairy Qingxia official fixing. Since filming this drama topic constantly, the actor Wen Xin more netizens as "the most beautiful Qing Xia", for her fantasy costume drama debut is full of expectation. Warm heart plays Qingxia fairy, I believe that many viewers for Qingxia fairy impression is still stuck in once the "Westward Journey" series of films, the "Westward Journey of love you ten thousand years" have enabled the young actor, starring lineup one broke, many people were praised as "magic idol drama". Warm heart since debut ultra high color value and have a unique style style of performance impressed a lot of people. This time she played in the drama played fairy Qingxia, shocked four. Many netizens said the yen value with exquisite makeup, really can be called the history of the most beautiful qingxia." When asked by reporters if they worry about being compared, Wen Xin said: "the classic role by comparison is inevitable, but he is not afraid to be compared, didn’t want to go beyond the classic, from first to last is to pay tribute to the classic." Since entering the line, with a serious attitude of dedication, natural smooth acting to get a lot of well-known directors favor, but also captured the hearts of a large audience. With gentle intellectual temperament, delicate appearance, warm heart from a sentimental ignorant girl gradually grew into the elegant strength actor, magnificent turn ushered in numerous opportunities for her, successively in the film "in the center of the world", "love hurts at the age of seventeen," super network drama "psychological crime" such wonderful interpretation makes her talent shows itself has attracted much attention. It is reported that the warm heart of the latest works "Grandpa Christina 38" will be released in theaters soon.相关的主题文章: