Wanli minister was abusive, anger anger recurrence, but helpless-seaway

Wanli minister was abusive, anger anger recurrence, but helpless [Abstract] Luo commentary matter four words with the pro, flew to the country the size of the hands of many officials, officials said consternation, said Luo evaluation is valuable, do not want this. I guess they have a layer of Anxi, not expressed. Everything in the world is wonderful, sometimes you thought you had forgotten something, turn around after he suddenly appeared in front of you, like a lost friend, with a vague face old, make you have mixed feelings. For example, the recent "Jiang Sheng dances, since the house rises suddenly shuabing. The fuzzy memory returned, think that this is the "John ·" Christophe; the first sentence. So many years ago had seen, excited, and forgotten as time can recall the sentence, the probability is really small, but small probability events happen, and from this sentence suddenly spread trend, which has become a high probability event, tick a big wave when reading the young the mood. In December, seventeen years before the Ming Dynasty, Dali Temple left Luo Ren commentary matter to the emperor on the book, is the famous "and" Pro four, it is a small probability event be caught off guard. In addition to the emperor Wu Zetian does not recognize the status like this is Luo, cursing the emperor of the most ruthless. The emperor said: "the disease is also in the company. Is to break the stomach, it is money consuming. Randy, chaos gods, gas is liver damage." Then the emperor in four words and make examples about how the emperor said again, for beauty, love of money, who received bribes, the tribute of the eunuch rich love, no money is not love. The emperor also said the character is not good, love temper hit, hit the maid today, tomorrow a servant. The conclusion is: "the emperor Cheng Yi ban alcohol, why the subjects of the party. The emperor Cheng Yi love color, why no subjects of the lewd. The emperor Cheng greedy men, why punish the gluttonous liegeman. Emperor Cheng is Qi Yi, how to persuade ministers’ cooperation. Of the four disease wound psychosomatic, written by Chen four pro, for disease medicine, hope to adopt the." It means you have to smoke and drink hot emperor tattoo, launched the new life movement do not require us to do a good girl. I used to see the play of palace of Qing Dynasty on this small probability event would surprise, even the emperor’s private life and compensation pipe, which is based on the Internet itself, also the emperor when Vanke boss see, let people check the minute of private life, maintain open and transparent salary, and ensure their own management ability is ok. Freedom of speech of Emperor Wanli or can be evaluated, Luo thing so to call, in Wanli eighteen years at the beginning of the month is a tea party words, but also said that members of the cabinet and things (try a violent temper?). Record on the day of the details of the situation, such as in the current record. "The Royal Palace called Yu De, Shen Shihang, Xu Guo, assistant minister Wang Xijue, Wang Jiaping in the West room. Royal couch to the East, and by west to kneel, new year’s Day speech he spring, and to see the day when all living Yan zhan……. I said: last year two by the fire as the darling often report, the head is dizzy, XiongGe full bilge, conditioning nearly passable, and Luo Ren zouben four people raved, touched my anger, anger that has healed recurrence.".相关的主题文章: