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Qi: the most proud of is Chinese Aerospace team "very young" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing 9 October Xinhua: Qi: the most proud of is China Aerospace team news agency is young "reporter Zhang Su heard an audience since age over 80 years old, academician of Academy of engineering, Chinese International Aerospace Academy Academy of Sciences Qi thumbs up, and grinned:" I was three years older than you". Let Chinese age, first chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft is concerned". Celebrating the 2016 world space week science report will be held in Beijing 9. Qi was invited to make a report, more than 400 students about the "space technology and space Chinese". The Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft will debut at the age of 83, so the answers. China News Agency reporter asked whether he had seen from the children themselves, Qi busy old humbly waved his hand: "at that time, talent, when I took over quickly to retire". "Touched me most is" Tiangong two "and" Shenzhou spaceship "design team is very young, this is China characteristics, Chinese strength, Chinese potential." Qi told the news agency reporter. Qi Faren done statistics, in 1969 the United States Appollo 11 spacecraft on the moon, the research team average age is 28 years old, now this figure has jumped to 42 years old. In Russia, 40% of space researchers are over the age of 60. "The average age of researchers in the field of Space Science in China is 35 years old, and they also inherit the spirit of space, which is the greatest combat effectiveness." He said. Reporter access to the Chinese Academy of space technology data: at present the hospital undertakes the country’s major task of the average age of the team under the age of 35. In the first line of research and development personnel, the proportion of young people more than 70%; the total number of designers under the age of 45 or chief engineer accounted for about 46.8%; under the age of 35, accounting for. For the Chinese aerospace industry this year entered the "sixty years of age", so that also need to spare no effort to catch up. "China is a big country in space, not a space power." He said, Chinese aerospace industry started late, weak economic foundation, but with the spirit of self-reliance, and gradually raise the level of science and technology, relying on the industrial base and economic strength, can the United States and Russia and other space powers par. Some people say that Qi is the epitome of the development of the aerospace industry is the history of the new China: he has participated in the development work of the first rocket, the first artificial satellite, the first experimental spacecraft, the first manned spacecraft; he served as the Dongfanghong satellite technology leader, "Dongfanghong No. two" and "the East is red" the chief designer of the satellites; at the age of 59 at the helm, the Shenzhou spacecraft and designed the "Shenzhou five" will Chinese first astronaut Yang Liwei into space. Although it has been relegated to second tier China about the latest developments in aerospace field Qi still meanders. He is especially keen to answer questions from children. A boy talks about the space elevator, graphene and molecular machines described by Liu Cixin, a Chinese science fiction writer. "You know a lot." "China is also developing a reusable launch vehicle and a new generation," he said相关的主题文章: