Wang Sicong micro-blog publicly about sister pairing the next Monday to watch a movie-marie digby

Wang Sicong micro-blog publicly about sister "pairing" Monday movie "your name" in December 2nd will be in theaters, national husband Wang Sicong openly in micro-blog asked "have Beijing girl… With a pair of ah, look at your name. This is how the same thing? Is the principal still missing sister? Carefully check the details of micro-blog know, this should be Wanda and B station joint activities. B said that in order to repay the station has contracted over the animation member Makoto Shinkai, all over the country contracted 465 Wanda cinema "your name. "4131 tickets, users to contract free Makoto Shinkai animation works at the same time for not invited to watch, the contractor had also launched a paired users receive free tickets activities. The details of the activities of the B station are as follows: the activities of their own theater, Wang Shaoye, of course, can not easily forwarded support for a while, then quipped, there are wood Beijing sister… With a pair of ah". Not only to seize the essence of activity, absorbing enough eyeballs, and gave the activities to a free promotion, is indeed the "Red Net Wang", well versed in the network marketing way. At present, Wang Sicong micro-blog comments have more than 6200. In addition, the man and woman volunteered newhalf (?) We have friends in the following open the mode of friends, meet together to see your name. "(source: gamersky)相关的主题文章: